Embracing Failure

Failure is a part of the process of learning and working.  It is a situation that everyone will ultimately experience many times throughout life, learn to humble yourself to it early.  I truly believe that it is essential to understand the mechanisms at play so that you can quickly get back on track and meeting... Continue Reading →

Recipes for your Dorm Microwave

Having a microwave in your dorm room can be a life-saver. You can do anything from re-heating your leftovers to warming up your coffee. However, they can also be used for whipping up quick and easy meals! Now, I already said that your dorm microwave can be a life-saver, here's why. Imagine that you're already... Continue Reading →

Events are Hidden in Plain Sight

With the world at the touch of a button we are glued to our cell phones. As you walk around campus look to see how many people are walking without staring at their phones. The low numbers will shock you, trust me. Yes our phones are an invaluable tool for communication and resources but they... Continue Reading →

Come to the 2nd Annual RAINN Carnvial!

Disclaimer: Some content in this post contains potentially triggering content, including abuse and sexual misconduct. One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a First Year Mentor is being able to make connections with students and help those who feel they do not have a voice. A voiceless demographic on campus and around... Continue Reading →

How to Catch Up with Work

It's finally November! The semester has been (hopefully) flying by. Between studying for midterms and still trying to get a decent amount of sleep, it's common to have quite a few unfinished assignments piled up. It can easily become overwhelming just thinking about everything that you have to catch up on. Unfortunately, it has to... Continue Reading →

Setting Boundaries is Self Care

In life, it's important to understand what makes you comfortable and what may make you uncomfortable.  While the uncomfortable is not always bad, it's good to consider setting up some boundaries. Setting boundaries can improve your self esteem, conserve your emotional energy and give you more independence. So let's start by splitting boundaries up into... Continue Reading →

Staying Motivated!

Maintaining your motivation at this time in the semester is key to your success. There can be a lot of stress with getting closer to the end of the semester and the fall holidays coming up, but there are many ways you can try to re inspire and rejuvenate your energy to make sure that... Continue Reading →

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