What is Alpha Lambda Delta?

Hello Vikings! This Friday, February 24th, first years will be inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society! It seems like just yesterday I was inducted into the society, and there are so many opportunities that await you!

Becoming a member of Alpha Lambda Delta means you become a part of a national society of students who have achieved academic success their freshman year of college! Alpha Lambda Delta began as a women’s society in 1924, and was made coeducational in 1976.


The charter of the first Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at the University of Illinois, 1924

Alpha Lambda Delta has since initiated over one million students and have awarded members with millions of dollars worth of scholarships.

“The mission of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.” (www.nationalald.org)

Once initiated, being a part of an honor society is a great resume-builder for graduate schools as well as future employers! Being in ALD gives you an opportunity to be a part of the community, and help others through community service.

ALD gives out more than $207,000 worth of scholarships every year, and many students have the opportunity to study abroad through these fellowships! Through Alpha Lambda Delta, you can develop leadership skills, increase your academic success, and find common ground with the rest of your “ALD family”!

We cannot wait to welcome you to our ALD family Friday night! This is just the beginning of what’s sure to be lifelong academic success!

For more information about Alpha Lambda Delta and its scholarships, visit www.nationalald.org!


It’s Time To Be Productive!!

Hey there, first-years!!

It’s that time in the semester. It’s almost mid-terms and you probably have a lot of work to do so… it’s time to be productive. So, let’s do this!

lets do this.gif

1. Make a To-Do List


At the beginning of your day, set up what you want to get done. Homework assignments? Essay outline? Clean your room? Eat? Put everything on the list, it feel so nice to cross everything off as you go. Even something as simple as “drink three cups of water before lunch” feels so satisfying when you cross it off!

2. Eliminate Distractions


Distractions kill all productivity. Limit yourself to using your phone at certain times. Maybe for five minutes every half an hour, or fifteen minutes every hour in one chunk of time. When you’re not using your phone, put it on silent. Don’t check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media until you’ve finished your current task! Don’t let distractions destroy your productivity!!

3. Set Goals


It’s hard to be productive without end-goals. Perhaps by the end of the day you’d like to catch up on all assignments for a specific class, or you want to finish an essay or midterm. Maybe you want your apartment to be squeaky clean by lunchtime, or you’d like to just feel fulfilled by the end of the day!



Multitasking is the second most common thing that kills productivity. It doesn’t work, no matter how good you think you are at multitasking. Even Meryl Streep can’t multitask like she thinks she can. Even Obama isn’t great at multitasking. All it does it split your focus between multiple activities, which isn’t good for anyone or anything!

5. Tackle the Most Important Tasks First!tackle.gif

Setting priority to important tasks is essential. This means that if you fall behind or if you didn’t really calculate how much time you have correctly, you’ll still get the important things done!

6. Treat Yo’ Self

treat yo self.gif

After hard work you deserve a reward. Treat yourself with something nice! Order out for dinner, have some candy, or even set an appointment to get your nails done! Treat. Yo. Self.

7. Work in 45 Minute Intervals


After 45 minutes, take a walk and recharge. Your brain uses more glucose than any other bodily activity. This is why in most clas activities usually last around this time. After 45 minutes or so, have a snack, take a walk, maybe even watch an episode of Bob’s Burger’s– trust me, we won’t judge you.

There you have it! 7 tips for being more productive now… get started and stop by the First Year Experience office if you need help! You can come to our office in Meier Hall 100A, call us at (978) 542 – 2618, or email us at firstyear@salemstate.edu!

Good luck!

-FYM Kaitlynn

What’s Great About Living at Salem State

March 1st is an important date. Want to know why? Besides being the start of a new month-Spring Break month-the 1st is when resident students’ housing deposits are due! What’s a housing deposit, you ask?

If you wish to live on campus next semester, Fall 2017, you must pay a housing deposit to ensure that Salem State Residence Life saves a room for you. The housing deposit is $300 and you can pay it on Navigator.

There are many benefits to living on campus, such as:

1.) Proximity

Living in a residence hall allows you to be in close proximity to everything on campus. You are within walking distance to your classes, the dining halls, the gym and your friends’ rooms.


2.) It’s a great place to meet new people

Residence Halls house more than 300 students! Whether it is playing pool on the ground floor or doing homework in a lounge, you have a chance to meet all types of people.


3.) You can live with your friends

Do you hate living in a different residence hall than your friends? Perhaps they live in Marsh on Central Campus and you are constantly walking between Marsh and your dorm on North Campus. Well, as upperclassmen, you have the opportunity to live in the same residence hall or at least all on Central Campus (Marsh Hall and Viking Hall). You also have the chance to have your friends as roommates.


Students moving into Viking Hall

Living on campus is a wonderful contribution to your college experience, so make sure you pay your housing deposit, because the deadline is March 1st! If you do not know how to pay it, here are the steps:

On Navigator, click on the “Make a housing edeposit”link that is located on the left side of the page under Quick Links.


Next, click on “click here”


On the next page, click on “eDeposits” that is located at the top of the page.



The following pages, “Amount”, “Payment Method”, “Confirmation” and “Payment Receipt” walk you through the rest of the steps.



If you have any questions:

Student Navigation Center Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-5 pm, Friday 10 am-5 pm
Wednesday 5 pm – 6 pm open for phone service only


71 Loring Avenue
Central Campus
Classroom Building (Bertolon School of Business), second floor


The campus life is a great life, so give it a try! And don’t worry, commuters, you rock too!


Life Lessons: When In Doubt, Take the Next Small Step.

Image result for one step at a time

College is one of the biggest journeys of my life so far, and trust me I’ve had my fair share of doubts. When the road gets bumpy, its hard not to doubt your path and think about giving it all up. You must remember, that success comes in small steps, and it comes with finding yourself. Do what you love, and do not make life choices based on what others tell you to do. At one point my mother told me that I should go to school to be a radiologist, but I always knew I needed to make strides in becoming who I want to be, a teacher.

If you’re confused on what comes next in your life, don’t worry about making some big leap of success. Pace yourself, through time and effort you’ll get to where you want to be. If you are not sure of what you want to do next, start with taking small steps. For instance,  if you love to paint like me, start painting more. Whatever career you want to achieve, have a strong mindset, learn a lot, and practice what you know. Regardless of if you want to be a teacher, journalist, actor, lawyer, or nurse, take every step possible to become the best at what you want to do.

Take advantage of resources on campus, there are plenty of people at Salem State that would love to help you. For instance, there is the annual Career Fair coming up, read FYM Mikaela’s blog about it Career Fair 2017!


Career Services:

Ellison Campus Center, North Campus
Room 105

Academic Advising:

Frederick E. Berry Library
Learning Commons, first floor
North Campus

Student Navigation Center:

71 Loring Avenue
Central Campus
Classroom Building, second floor


-FYM Ashley


Career Fair 2017

Hi Vikings! Are you interested in exploring possible careers, internships or just curious to see what is happening in the market of today? Well I suggest you go check out the 2017 Annual Career Fair! At this event you can browse a diverse amount of industries and begin to network with businesses and maybe even potential coworkers and bosses of the future.

The career fair will consist of tables where participating companies will be displaying their mission and job opportunities. A representative of the industry will be there to answer any questions that arise in relation to jobs in that given field, the representative can also give any advice to you about job opportunities/careers. It is a good networking opportunity for you all as students, it can begin to give you a taste as to what it is like to put yourself out in the work force. By meeting with these representatives at the tables you are practicing for future interviews because you are presenting yourself, answering questions that are proposed to you and even asking any of your own questions to gain more knowledge about the company you’re interested in.


This event is a fantastic chance to get yourself known in the work area and to gain new experience that you may not yet have had or haven’t engaged in a long time. The following is the time and place of the event!


Where: Gassett Fitness Center & Recreation Center, O’Keefe Campus


When: Thursday March 2nd


Time: 4pm-7pm


Contact: Career Services


– If you have any specific questions in relation to this event you can contact career services through email at career@salemstate.edu, by calling 978-542-6406, or by walking into their office which is located in the Ellison Campus Center. Career Services is located in room 105 which is right past the Commuter lounge!

I hope you will consider attending this event and begin to widen your horizons when it comes to the work world!

– FYM Mikaela

All About Advocacy Day


Looking to learn more about social justice issues? Want to engage with other students and gain valuable activist skills? Well, SSU’s Advocacy Day, hosted by the Center for Civic Engagemet is the right place for you! Here’s everything you need to know about the event! You’ll move from simply talking about the issues to gaining skills needed to take action! The event includes a keynote speaker, activist panel and breakout sessions.Here’s the rundown:

Date: Monday, February 27th

Time: 11am-4pm

Location: Vet’s Hall- Ellison Campus Center (ECC), North Campus. 1 Meier Drive, Salem, MA 01970




The specific schedule is as follows:

10:50 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Keynote by Nazda Alam, who will draw on this year’s FYRE book by addressing her work in immigration and voting rights activism

11:45 – 1 p.m. Lunch and Activist Panel addressing: women’s rights, higher education/student debt, economic and housing justice, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights.

1:10 – 2:20 p.m. Breakout Session: Digging Deeper. Learn more about a specific social justice issue you would like to take action on.

2:30 – 4 p.m. Roundtable Workshops and Closing Reflections: Learn activist tools like voter mobilization, social media activism, peaceful assembly, arts activism, etc.

You’ll definitely want to check out this event because this year’s First-Year Reading Experience (FYRE) book selection will be announced!  

Additionally, lunch will be served to all attendees. But, be sure that you register for this event in order to guarantee your spot! Register here

Find out more info about the event here  and here 

 or contact Cynthia Lynch by email at clynch@salemstate.edu.

Go be an Advocate, I know you’ll rock it!

-FYM Patrick

Cheap Spring Break Alternatives

Hey First Years!

Your first spring break is coming up – for some of you, that might mean a trip to Florida or someplace tropical with warm beaches to escape the snowscape that is Massachusetts in March. However, for many of us, we don’t have enough money to take a week long vacation across the country.

So what can you do over spring break that won’t totally break the bank? Here are some options for cheap(er) vacations and activities:

Day trip to NYC
Bus fares to New York are fairly inexpensive, so you don’t even have to drive. Times Square is buzzing with energy, even in this cold; do some shopping, or even make your way to a Broadway show!

Make your way to Montreal
It may be cold in Canada, but it’s someplace new and to travel the world is always a good idea. Invite some friends to take a road trip, make an awesome playlist, grab your passport and head on up to our French Canadian neighbors. Make the trip just a few days, or make it last the whole week if you really love it there!

Hiking Trails in Massachusetts
There are lots of parks right here in MA that have beautiful hiking trails and sights to see. Some of them are Borderland, Blue Hills Reservation, Ames Nowell, Lynn Heritage and more. Take it back to nature to get some real rest from the world during this break from school.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 
Break out the shamrocks and go out and celebrate the holiday at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston. This year’s parade is on Sunday, March 19th. It begins at the Broadway MBTA stop and ends at Andrew Square, South Boston.

Keep it Classic
The standard “I’m bored” activities are always a good idea for spring break. Grab a friend and go see a movie. Go out to lunch with your family. Go window shopping, just because. Have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. Or Harry Potter. Binge watch your favorite show on Netflix that you haven’t had any time to watch because you’ve been drowning in homework. Take your dog for a walk, I’m sure they would love to get outside some more and spend time with you. SLEEP!

Know that not going on a cool vacation for spring break is pretty normal, and that a lot of people just hang out at home. There are plenty of options to keep occupied over spring break (can never forget about that homework due as soon as we get back) but make sure you take some time to yourself to relax and have fun – that’s what break is for!

Have a good weekend!
FYM Kelly




Thinking about changing your major?

Did you start SSU with your mind 100% set on a certain career out come and a certain major or minor? Has that changed? If so. . .

that’s okay!

There are a few steps you will want to follow before making any changes.

1. Ask yourself: Are you sure?

Image result for are you sure spongebob









What makes you want to change your major? Is it a specific class, person, or subject? If so consider, how temporary the problem is. Does it affect how passionate you are for the subject as a whole, or is it a temporary block? Can you get through this with hard work or does your area of study no longer interest you as much as another does? You can use the “what if” feature of Degree Tracker (student home > academic home > what if) to see how your existing course work applies to the new major you want.

2. Meet with someone

Image result for help me gif

Whether it’s a professor, an Academic Mentor, or a faculty adviser-it helps to talk out the situation with someone. If you meet with a faculty member in the potential major, however, they’ll be able to give you an idea of what to expect in classes and in the field in general.  Meeting with someone may also bring up additional questions that you hadn’t considered before. You could also meet with someone in your old major. Similarly, they’ll be able to bring up points you might not have considered.

Consider alternate solutions like adding a second minor or even major if you’re still torn.

3. Check out your new flowsheet







Visit the department you’re interested in pursuing and obtain a major or minor flow sheet. You can also find the flow sheets listed by department in the Undergraduate catalog.

When looking over the required courses consider the following:

Do these courses excite you? Do you have enough time in your four years to complete the new or additional degree? If not, are you okay with spending the extra time?

4. Fill out the forms!

Image result for paperwork meme


Change of major forms should be filled out and ultimately dropped off at the Navigation Center. For extra help on completing the forms, you should go see academic advising located in the Center for Academic Excellence in the library. Forms can be provided through any given academic department, on the school website, or through the Center of Academic Excellence.



5 Tips for the Career Fair

Career Services is hosting their annual Career Fair on March 2nd, 2017 from 4:00pm-7:00pm! The event will take place in the Gassett Fitness Center Gym, and tons of organizations will be there looking for interns and workers! Here are some tips to make it a successful Career Fair!

1. Bring an updated resume!

Bringing a resume to the Career Fair will show preparedness and have the different representatives at the fair remember you. Need help updating or even creating a resume? Schedule an appointment with Career Services, located in Ellison Campus Center, room 105!

2. Dress professionally!

Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed when you meet your possible future employers! These representatives took time out of their day to come to you for an opportunity, put some time in and dress to impress!

3. Download the “Salem State Career Fair Plus” app through the App Store and Google Play!

This app will give you a complete list of employers, will give you a fair map where all the employers are located, and more tips on how to prepare for this event!

4. Take a picture at the LinkedIn Photo Booth!

LinkedIn is basically Facebook for professionals! It’s a way to find jobs and different career opportunities! A photo booth will be there to take a professional head shot for your profile, so you can stop using that selfie!

5. Show enthusiasm!

Be ready to impress! Employers want to see you engaged and utilizing your network skills when attend the fair. Be confident, take notes, and always follow up with potential employers!

If you need any more tips, visit the Career Services office in Ellison Campus Center, room 105. Or you can call them at 978-542-6406!

Good luck!

-FYM Shelbie

How to Reduce Cabin Fever

Are you sick and tired of the cold, wintery mix that has repetitively struck the New England Coast over the past week? Well, I am exhausted of sitting inside a not-so cozy college dorm; bored, from light until dark due to Mother Nature’s calling. Yes classes have been called off and we are free from Salem State education for one more day-but with the snow on the roads and the brutal conditions we are left with nothing at all to keep ourselves occupied. Here are a few ideas to help keep you active and relieve your cabin fever!!

1. Watch Movies 

Movies are a wonderful way to pass time as well as enjoy your free-time either by yourself or with your friends. There are many different genres of movies, such as the classics, the originals, along with the new releases. With many options to choose from there is no excuse to be thinking of snow! Wrap up in a blanket with relaxing clothes on and a side of hot chocolate(:


2. Gather your friends and go eat at the diner 

The dining halls are open for your adventure out of your residence buildings, including the diner that is located across from Viking Hall right next to the commuter parking lot. The food is delicious and you can use dining dollars or clipper cash! Not only that but you can grab a group of friends and join each other together.

3. Utilize the lounge areas in the dorm

In each residence hall is multiple lounge areas, with at least one on each floor. These are great community spaces that are modern, open-spaced, and available all day long. They also allow for quiet time or activities such as groups watching sports games or doing group projects. The televisions, chairs, and desks are to be respectively used and it is a perfect way to unwind from your room but still stay warm and have the comfort of your pajamas without having to leave your dorm.

4. Do homework or study-even organize!

Although the library is closed, you can still complete any homework, assignments, or work that you need to accomplish and this free time is perfect for it! If you do not have the motivation to do so, get together with a group of friends and review for your classes. You do not have any homework? There is always need for organization for the future weeks ahead as well as the organization of your room or personal belongings. This could make time go by faster than you think.

5. Build a snowman…or a fort

Snow only falls a few times a year so get out there and build that snow man or make snow angels with your friends. If none of those ideas sound interesting, have a snowball fight..safely of course. And if you are just not an outside person, well there are forts! Forts can be made inside your dorm room with friends just to do homework or watch movies in. A little activity to relieve the stress.


6. Cook or Bake

If you enjoy cooking or baking, you have all day to do so! You could meal plan for the week ahead or just make a yummy meal for during the storm. Doing this alone or with friends can be entertaining and fun, along with the beneficial aspect of being able to enjoy these recipes. Make sugar cookies with jimmies or chocolate chip cookies then have a cookie exchange and everyone who made a batch can share them with others for even more fun! Always be stocked up, you never know what could happen.


7. Read a good book 

Education is such an important aspect of life and books add to that! If you have a lot of time on your hands you can begin to read a book of your choice to enjoy and engage in. No one is forcing you to read the book or complete any assignments for it so it should be more enjoyable. We are lucky to have books and reading an insightful book can help you become more relaxed. Sometimes to just sit and relax and read a good book is beneficial, especially on a long snow day…or two.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and do not get bored on snow days.

-Stay warm-