Getting a summer job

Hello Everyone! I wanted to talk to you about summer jobs and why you should start thinking about them soon. Summer jobs are a great way to get some extra spending money and save for the next school year. Even though it is only the end of April, the school year is quickly coming to... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Finals

With finals starting in just a few weeks, it is important that you start preparing yourself now! In this post, I will list a few ways that you can start getting ready for your finals! Get Class Assignments Done My first tip is to get as many assignments done before starting to study for finals.... Continue Reading →

Self Care at Your Busiest

With only one month left of the spring semester, we are all incredibly busy. Classes are stressful with more and more work being added, we have to meet with our advisor to plan for next fall and hopefully get the classes we want, and the race is on to find a summer internship or job.... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Class Registration

Hello Everyone! My name is Nicole and I am a First Year Mentor with FYE, I am here to talk about preparing for class registration and some key things you should do before registering. 1.Use your degree tracker Your degree tracker is located in your navigator portal and holds the information for your past, current,... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Mid-Semester Slip

Currently, we are exactly halfway through the spring semester. Before you know it finals will be here. For many of us mid semester is a difficult time. However in this blog I'll give you some tips and tricks to avoid the dreaded mid- semester slip. Show Up to Class. This may seem straight forward, but... Continue Reading →

Learn How You Can Study Abroad!

We can all agree that life has been pretty different this past year. Most of us have spent more time at home than ever before. This has led many of us to dreaming about going out and really living again. Well luckily, I might be the genie that grants all your wishes! On Thursday, March... Continue Reading →

Digital Academic Tools

Can we all agree that remote learning is tiring? I'm at the point where I cringe at the mention of Zoom and anything related to online academics. With that said, let's make this semester easier on us. Keep reading for some digital academic tools! Forest/Flora/Focus Plant (apps)Staring at a screen is hard, especially when it... Continue Reading →

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