How to Save Money!

Are you a college student? Are you spending tons of money on tuition, textbooks, or even online components to do your homework on? Did I mention coffee? You're definitely spending money on coffee. If not coffee, you're spending money on food. Does anyone else have a suffering bank account from Black Friday shopping? You're not... Continue Reading →

Setting Goals for the New Year!

The year is coming to an end, as we have all probably realized with our Spotify wrapped playlists coming out. The The New Year is a time where people set resolutions for the year to come and with this being the beginning of a new decade it can be even more daunting to think about... Continue Reading →

Get Involved Next Semester!

When the second semester comes around a lot of people think "It's too late for me to join a club" but that's not the case! It's never too late to join.  Through my 3 years here I have joined clubs at all different times.  I am currently involved in Math Society, The Alliance, Phi Sigma... Continue Reading →

Residence Halls and Winter Break

Winter break is almost here! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With that excitement there are things to keep in mind for those living on campus. Residence Halls close for the semester on Friday, December 20th at 7pm. Halls will re-open on Sunday, January 12th at 12pm For those who... Continue Reading →

Packing for Winter Break

If you're living on campus, there is always the question of what can go home with you during winter break and what can stay at school. With preparing and taking finals eats up so much of your time the last few weeks of semester, sometimes you just can't think ahead and know that 2 weeks... Continue Reading →

How to Stay on Track During Winter Break

It's that time of year where the weather starts to get colder and watching Netflix becomes the plan all day, every day. But next semester is going to come around the corner faster than binge-watching your favorite shows. So it's important that you feel prepared for next semester while still finding the time to rejuvenate... Continue Reading →

Make the Most of Reading Day

If you are anything like me you might have heard of Reading day and immediately thought perfect a day to sleep in before finals, but this blog post will hopefully change your plans for how you are going to spend your Reading day. You might be thinking Reading day? What's that? If you are don't... Continue Reading →

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