How To Move Out Smoothly!

How To Move Out Smoothly! Moving out of dorms can be super overwhelming and hectic due to multiple different factors but I have provided you all with THREE tips that will help your move out day turn out smoothly! Packing Early! The best advice I can give is to begin packing early! If you’re able... Continue Reading →


Spring Fever

  Hey Vikings!! I don't know about y' all, but I have been waiting for the announcement about a spring concert.  This year the spring concert has evolved into more of a festival. There will be live music, food trucks, and more. The festival is on the last day of class May 1st at 6:00... Continue Reading →

Love Your Planet — Earth Day!

Good Morning Vikings! I hope you are fairing well as we inch closer to the end of your first-year at Salem State — you should all feel proud of your accomplishments! For this blog, I am going to be talking about how you can make the absolute most out of EARTH DAY! At least for the... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for finals!

We're almost there! As we head into the final weeks of the semester, it's time to prepare for finals week. Get out your flashcards, colored pens and highlighters! Here are some ways to get ready for finals: Write down the date to prepare It's always a good idea to know the dates of your finals... Continue Reading →

Why be a student leader?

Coming to college is an experience which allows you to grow as a person in more ways than one.  Everyone has differing experiences but the one thing in common that we have is that we all come out better than before. Being apart of student run organizations can be a wonderful experience.  They can help... Continue Reading →

How To Get Enough Sleep In College

When is the last time you didn't feel tired? As a college student, it's difficult to recall the last time you truly felt rejuvenated from a night's rest. However, sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in academic success and can even affect your cognitive and mental health. For this reason, it is essential to... Continue Reading →


This upcoming weekend SSU is going to be a BLAST! The Multicultural Student Association/ Urban Arts Theater/Latin American Student Organization have all partner together to make this weekend memorable for you all . Don't stay in your room but come out to have a great time. Here are the list of events below: 4/11- FASHION SHOW ... Continue Reading →

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