25 Fun Facts About FYM Kelly


  1. This is my third year at Salem State and my second year working in the First Year Experience Office
  2. I’m a double major, a BA in History and a BFA in Technical Theatre
  3. I am a World Historian, which means that most of the courses I have taken here have NOT been United States History – my current focus is Southern Asia, specifically India
  4. My focus in theatre is Carpentry and Technical Direction, which means I build the sets and make sure that our work shop is in top shape
  5. This fall semester I built a truck for the university’s production of The Grapes of Wrath
  6. I am from Brockton, MA, which is on the South Shore
  7. People say that theatre kids can’t do sports – they’re wrong. I was on my high school’s varsity swim team for all four years I was there
  8. And I swam at State Championships three out of four of those years
  9. I have a dog named Max, he’s alright
  10. My favorite band is The Wonder Years – I’ve seen them in concert 5 times now
  11. I have a sister who goes to Bridgewater State, but she’s taking a class here this semester, so I run into her sometimes
  12. I’m planning a month long trip to Europe for Summer 2017 – it’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to go to Paris
  13. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched The Office through from beginning to end at least 13 times now
  14. My favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle
  15. I live on campus in Bowditch Hall
  16. Dessert is my favorite part of a meal, and I tend to go for it first
  17. My favorite place to get coffee in Salem is Front Street Coffeehouse – Jaho is pretty good, too
  18.  I’m a lifeguard and swim instructor over the summers
  19. After I graduate from Salem State in 2018, I want to go to the Yale School of Drama to get a Masters of Fine Arts in Technical Production and Direction
  20. I recently watched the entirety of The X-Files, which as only reinforced my belief in aliens
  21. I have a freakishly long Snapchat streak with my roommate right now – we are up to 306 days
  22. Halloween is my favorite holiday, mostly because of all the candy, Thanksgiving is a close second
  23. I love to watch Jeopardy; getting the answers right is such a satisfying feeling
  24. One of my favorite places to go is Houghton’s Pond in Blue Hills
  25. All I want in life is to have my own pug


25 Facts About FYM Kayla


  1. I’m a senior at Salem State, but I’m going to be here an extra year.
  2. I’m double majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in Political Science, hence why I’m going to be here an extra year.
  3. I love my job in the first year experience office! This is my second year working here. I’m also currently interning at the writing center and will hopefully be working there next year.
  4. Reading is my biggest passion in life. I own over a thousand books, and my collection is my baby. 11870813_993574364007396_1015475147088907018_n [Here’s a really foggy picture of a lot of my books. Yes, I have more.]
  5. Last year I read 62 books according to Goodreads and this year my goal in 100 books. I’m on track, having read 11 books so far this year.
  6. Another one of my passions is writing. I’ve been doing it since before I can remember.
  7. I went to a technical high school for Cosmetology.
  8. My senior project paper was on Hairstyles Through the 20th Century. I went through every decade and talked about what was going on historically at the time, and as a result what the fashions were for both men and women. My paper was almost 30 pages, 10 pages over the requirement and I was the only person in my class to get 100 percent on it.
  9. I have my Cosmetology license.
  10. I love doing hair, but am much better at doing makeup, and love doing it.
  11. Last year I went to Italy with FYM Makalah. 941034_1060095487355283_5486007266101657166_n.jpg (This is us on the leaning tower of Pisa)
  12. New Orleans in my favorite place in the world. I love the environment so much. I plan to move there as soon as I can.
  13. My favorite book in the world is the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. My second favorites are A Separate Peace by John Knowles and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.
  14. I firmly believe I was born in the wrong decade. I love eighties movies so much, they make up most of the movies I watch. Some of my favorites are St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, Dirty Dancing, the Breakfast Club, Class, and Less Than Zero. (To name a few.)
  15. My goal is to work for a publishing company, until ideally I get my books published and become a full-time writer.
  16. I plan to go to grad school and eventually get my PhD in literature.
  17. I have two dogs and three cats.12141511_10208102470944297_3892955752015984723_n (This is Ping- AKA Ping the Merciless. She’s not as sweet as she looks.) 11114774_10206941989972998_6013552537193778539_n.jpg (Kira)
  18. I grew up around musical theatre. My parents met while doing a play, and both of them have been acting and directing all my life. I feel most comfortable in a theatre. Cabaret is my favorite musical of all time, I’ve seen it live three times. Once on Broadway with Alan Cumming as the Emcee and most recently I saw the national tour with Randy Harrison as the Emcee. This was my favorite production of it I’ve ever seen, Randy did such a good job.
  19. I’m a member of Alpha Lamba Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, and the National Society of Leadership and Success.
  20. Most of the music I listen to is older stuff. I’m not a fan of music that is currently on the radio. I love Nirvana, the Beatles, John Lennon, Simon and Garfunkel, David Bowie, the Doors, and anything from the eighties.
  21. I can’t go to haunted houses around Halloween because I am super afraid of chainsaws. My sister used to work at a haunted house and every year I got more and more afraid of the chainsaw guys until one year I was chased through the corn maze by three of them at once. Now the sound of chainsaws throws me into a panic.
  22. I have an older sister called Krista-Anne (30) and a younger brother called Tj *stands for Edward Joseph Mitchell III- it’s a long story* (18).
  23. I was born right after my mother finished watching Days of Our Lives, and was named after a character from the show.
  24. I’m terrible at sports. I tried basketball and karate as a kid, but the only thing I was decent at was cheer-leading. I was a cheerleader for five years.
  25. I have a severe anxiety disorder and less severe depression. But I’m doing a lot better since I started at SSU and intend to not let it stand in the way of accomplishing everything I want to accomplish in life.

25 Things About Me!

1) I am a sophomore and I am a double major: Elementary Education & Geography!

2) I am from Easthampton Ma, which is in the western part of the state. It takes me about 2.5 hours to get to SSU WITHOUT traffic!

3) I am an only child

4) I am a part of the Alpha Lambda Delta Society

5) I did gymnastics from the age 3-17 and I was competitive for many of those years. Gymnastics was my life for so long!


6) I was born in China, specifically the Hunan Province.

7) At home I work as a gymnastics coach at the place that I used to train- Roots Gymnastics Center.

8) I am an Aries.

9) I have 2 dogs: Dusty & Beamer and 2 cats Hunter & Isabelle. (Unfortunately, I don’t have any clear pictures of my Black cat Isabelle)







10) Being a first year mentor has helped me to connect better to the community here at Salem State.

11) I love working with kids and helping others; hence why I want to become an elementary school teacher once I finish at Salem State.

12) I did diving my senior year of high school and I never went into the water head first because it scared me. I always landed feet first in the water!

13) My favorite colors are Purple and Teal.

14) I drink hot coffee or tea every morning before class.

15) I am a resident student: I live in Marsh Hall

16) My favorite TV shows are: One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy. I binge watched both of these shows on Netflix.

17) I am currently obsessed with the TV show House!

18) I have been out of the country three times: I went to Spain for 2 weeks and I’ve been to China and also Morocco!10151368_638775282858835_7077879467148681911_n(Toledo, Spain)


( I rode a Camel with my friend while in Morocco)

19) When I was in Chendu, China I held a Panda!

20) My favorite book is The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. I think that it is the best book that he has written.

21) The summer before my freshman year of high school, I was at a gymnastics practice and I sprained both of my ankles simultaneously…I then was in a wheelchair for about 3 weeks. I severely sprained my left ankle and I had a chip of the bone in my right ankle. Ever since then I am prone to sprain my ankles. I have really bad ankles now!

22) I love traveling! I want to go to Italy, Ireland and Chile or Argentina in the future.

23) I’ve been to many states in the U.S- Florida, Virginia, Illinois, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, Connecticut, Washington and Rhode Island. During Spring Break, I am going to Santa Monica California and I cannot be more excited!

24) I love home cooked meals.

25) Every day I wear earrings, my watch and my rings. I feel incomplete when I have any of those pieces of jewelry missing.

25 Fun Facts about FYM Amine


1- I’m trying to think about my remaining 24 fun facts

2 -Well, I was born in Oklahoma City but grew up in Morocco

3- Fun and exciting fact, I am graduating this spring semester with a B.S in Chemistry

4- I am going to be twenty one this March

5- I took my scuba diving certification test in 38°F water two years ago

6- I switched my Major for Biology to Chemistry last semester

7- I want to make a powerful medicine in the future

8- I am learning Spanish as a fourth Language

9- I used to have 21 cats in my backyard.

10- I went last summer to the Moroccan Sahara, and got my picture shared on the Salem State Facebook and Instagram pages.


11- My dream job is to get paid to travel

13- I sometimes like to skip steps

14- I bet you didn’t realize I skipped number 12

15- I also work as a Science Tutor and as an Admissions Ambassador at SSU


16- I will always be grateful to how the First Year Experience office has helped me adapt to college life despite the language barrier I had.

17- My philosophy is that belief and effort can lead you to anything- aka Optimism & Opportunism

18- My previous boss in the U.S called me, I forgot and answered him in Moroccan dialect

19- I extracted caffeine from tea bags in my Organic Chemistry lab. aka Breaking Bad

20- I won the volleyball intramural tournament last year

21- I received a honorary pen from Salem State’s President Meservey


22- I am trying to keep my GPA at 4   ……   3.4

23- Having a social life is as important excelling in academics is to me

23- The Salem State Library gave me free access to expensive books and articles

24- I guess I made two 23’s in this list on purpose– again

25- Last but not least, I am hoping to finish my Honors thesis by the end of this month

Me and my best friend Mr. Goatie hope you having a great year at Salem State


25 Fun facts about FYM Emily

  1. I am a History major with a concentration in Public History
  2. I have a minor in Art History
  3. I’m a senior and will be graduating in May
  4. I am a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
  5. I work as an RA in Viking Hall on the fourth floor
  6. I wear flip flops all year round-even in the snow- and it drives my friends crazy
  7. I have a younger brother, Joshua
  8. One of my goals is to rescue a pitiful from Villalobos Rescue center in Louisiana
  9. I’m originally from Leominster, Massachusetts
  10. I am half Asian, my mother is originally from Singapore in South East Asia
  11. I have been a Summer Conference Assistant for the past 2 summers at SSU
  12. Over this past summer I volunteered with the National Park Service at Salem Maritime and helped them create an authentic slave’s mattress
  13. I love James Bond movies and am working on expanding my collection of movies, currently I have all of Sean Connery’s movies and all of Daniel Craig’s including Spectre
  14. I love all Superhero movies and TV Shows- I don’t discriminate between Marvel and DC (Can’t wait to see Deadpool!)
  15. I am literally obsessed with the TV show Arrow
  16. I have met Haley Attwell, Stephen Amell, Katrina Law, Robbie Amell, Manu Bennet, and John Barrowman 
  17. I was trapped in New Jersey for Blizzard Jonas because I was there for a convention
  18. My car’s name is Tina and I love her
  19. I have sand/soil from Omaha Beach in Normandy, a foxhole from Bastogne, Belgium, and Auschwitz and Birkeneau concentration camps
  20. I have been in Paris for Bastille Day (their Fourth of July)
  21. I’m looking into pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies here at SSU after graduation
  22. I work as a hostess at The Cheesecake Factory at the Northshore Mall
  23. My dream graduate school is George Washington University in Washington D.C
  24. I have seen Journey, Train, Maroon 5, and Bowling for Soup in concert
  25. My dream career is to work as a curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C

25 Fun Facts About FYM Shelbie


  1. I am a sophomore here at Salem State!
  2. I’m a Psychology major with a minor in Political Science.
  3. I am in the Commonwealth Honors Program!
  4. I’m a part of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
  5. I also work as an Admissions Ambassador—giving tours to prospective students!ambassador
  6. I am a sister of Theta Phi Alpha sorority—I’m actually the recruitment chair! (Recruitment starts February 16 for ladies who are interested in joining a sisterhood!)bidday1
  7. I’m hoping to study abroad in London next year!
  8. I have 3 dogs: Cosmo, Riley Finn, and Spike!cosmorileyfinnspike
  9. I love to read! I am currently reading “Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell
  10. I went to two different high schools, one in a big city and the other in a small town!
  11. I loved Salem State when I got here, but I was not involved much. After getting involved with multiple jobs and groups on campus, my experience has become so much more worthwhile!
  12. My favorite place to go in downtown Salem is the Peabody Essex Museum! With your Clipper Card, you can get in for free!
  13. I came to Salem State as an Undeclared major—so don’t worry if you do not have a major yet! You’ll get there!
  14. I love taking the commuter rail into Boston and walking around the city!
  15. One of my favorite classes that I have taken here is Intro to Women’s Studies. If you have the opportunity to take it, definitely do so!
  16. The Center for Academic Excellence helped me decide what I wanted to do with my life. Definitely visit them if you have any questions!
  17. Giving tours of Salem State and sharing my love for the campus with others is one of my favorite things to do!
  18. In my free time, I like going to Starbucks and hanging out with my sorority sisters and friends!
  19. Working for the First Year Experience office has helped me understand Salem State more, and has given me the opportunity to help Vikings across campus.fye
  20. Some of my favorite memories at Salem State have been going to the plays and musicals that the theatre department has put on! Spring Awakening has been my favorite so far!
  21. I like going to concerts! I have met Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, and Nick Jonas (among other artists)!ladygaga1

              (Lady Gaga and I in 2009!)

  1. In my senior year of high school, I went to Italy with my Travel Club. I loved Verona and Assisi the most!
  2. I have gone to New York City almost every summer for as long as I can remember. I hope that one day I can spend New Year’s in Times Square!
  3. When I was younger, I visited Disney World and Universal Studios. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was my favorite, and I hope to go back there one day!
  4. I am the secretary of Active Minds, a new mental health awareness group on campus!

25 Fun Facts About FYM Patrick


  1. My middle name is Michael
  2. I have 2 cats- Haleigh and Karev (like from the show Grey’s Anatomy)
  3. I’m living the gluten-free lifestyle
  4. I did lots of theater and performing throughout high school
  5. One of my biggest fears is the fear of heights
  6. My career goal is to be a Certified Hypnotherapist (and own a private practice)
  7. My favorite meal is steak
  8. I’m near-sighted and virtually blind for things that are far away
  9. I have 2 sisters- named Shannon and Madison
  10. One of my nostrils is a little larger than the other
  11. I’m head of Public Relations for the Alliance, the LGBTQ+ group here at SSU
  12. I went to Madrid, Spain for a week 2 summer’s ago- it was the best week ever
  13. I’m addicted to Netflix (and currently binge watching Portlandia)
  14. Coffee just recently became my best friend
  15. My favorite colors are purple & blue
  16. Singing has always been something I’ve loved to do
  17. I’m slightly obsessed with Apple products
  18. I have a “baby face”
  19. My favorite movie is Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio
  20. I make a strange sound  when I itch my throat
  21. I have a bad habit of chewing my nails when I’m nervous or stressed
  22. I took karate as a kid, and have always wanted to get back into some type of martial arts
  23. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to Italy
  24. I’m too excited for season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race
  25. White tigers are awesome

25 Facts About FYM Makalah

Last year FYE Set up a giant dinosaur outside of North Dinning, here I am screaming in terror!

  1. My name is Makalah
  2. I live on campus
  3. I love sweets
  4. My guilty pleasure is reality TV
  5. I love cooking shows, especially baking
  6. My favorite color is red
  7. I love traveling
  8. I also work in the Writing Center
  9. I love doodling
  10. I like mermaids
  11. My favorite season is Fall
  12. I’m a Capricorn
  13. I’ve worked at FYE for three years
  14. I’m allergic to cats
  15. My dream job is a travel writer
  16. I love reading
  17. I don’t know how to swim
  18. I love tea and coffee
  19. I’m a night owl
  20. My favorite movie is Roman Holiday
  21. My favorite Disney movie as a kid was Pocahontas, I used to sing Colors of the Wind all the time
  22. I love singing and dancing around the house
  23. I love trying new foods
  24. I have no siblings
  25. I love having jobs where I can help people

25 Fun Facts about FYM Angelina

My team and I performing In Tennessee at Destination ImagiNation’s 2014 Global Finals. I’m the one in purple. The dress is made out of brown paper bags, aluminum cans, hot glue, and coat hangers.

I’m Angelina, a mentor in the First Year Experience office at SSU. Here’s some fun facts for you to get to know me a little:

  1. I watch Netflix way too much.
  2. Musicals are my passion. I love watching them, being in them, and listening to the music over and over again.
  3. I’m Secretary of Repertory Dance Theatre, a dance club at SSU.
  4. My proudest achievement is that I was on a DI team that earned 1st place in a global competition.
  5. I’ve eaten ant eggs and toasted crickets before.
  6. I have tendinitis in my left foot.
  7. My favorite quote is “Creativity is messy and I’m VERY creative”.
  8. 7 and 292 are my favorite numbers
  9. I’ve made wearable dresses out of aluminum cans, paper bags, hot glue, trash bags, and phone book pages.
  10. When I was little I ate so many tomatoes I turned a little orange. . .
  11. I plan on re-reading the Harry Potter series every summer for the rest of my life.
  12. I recently declared a second major so now I’m majoring in Spanish and Dance with a concentration in Secondary Education.
  13. I love rainbows.
  14. I had a glitter fight in high school once. Months later I still found an occasional sparkle in my hair.
  15. I had a hot pepper eating competition in middle school with my social studies teacher and won.
  16. Purple is the best color in the universe.
  17. The poop emoji is my most used emoji.
  18. I’m a proud Hufflepuff and if you have a problem with that, I know a Slytherin.
  19. I know Nancy Kerrigan.
  20. I’ve been to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico.
  21. I LOVE tea (real tea).
  22. I got paid for being a Transylvanian in the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  23. My friends make fun of me because I stretch all the time. . .
  24. Puns are my favorite. Some know me as pun girl.
  25. Nerdy Redbubble stickers are all over my laptop!


Meet the Mentor: Kaitlynn

Hi all! I’m First Year Mentor Kaitlynn Bartley. All the mentors will be posting 25 things about us! So keep a look out for the rest!:)

with dory

  1. I’m an English major with an Educational Studies minor. I plan on going into Higher Education after I get my undergraduate degree instead of teaching:)
  2. I’m a writing tutor at the Writing Center in the Library (Right outside the Center for Academic Excellence). If you need an appointment, call us at (978) 542 – 6491
  3. I have a slight addiction to coffee, and I don’t plan on changing that.
  4. The way to my heart is with bad puns.
  5. I’m spending this upcoming Spring Break in London– it will be my first time leaving the East Coast!!
  6. I have an older brother (super old), an older sister-in-law (told you he was old), and a younger sister.
  7. I love candles. I always have one lit in my room!
  8. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (I’m a Hufflepuff!), but I haven’t been down to Florida in about 12 years so I haven’t gone to Harry Potter World. Please don’t rub it in. I cry easily.
  9. I absolutely love SSU! It wasn’t my first choice, but after my first few weeks here I knew I made the right decision in coming here.
  10. I have a german shepherd named Sasha. I’m going to include a picture, because she’s my pride and joy.
  11. I’m allergic to cats, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.
  12. I have written a novel. It’s horrific, but I was super proud of myself for actually finishing it. It was so difficult, and I hope to fix it up and possibly publish it one day!
  13. I love Disney.
  14. I love reading, but I prefer realistic fiction and dystopian/sci-fi.
  15. I’m the shortest person in my family besides my aunt (married into the family), and my 6 year old cousin. My uncle on my mom’s side of the family has to duck to get through normal sized door frames– he’s also too tall to ride Superman at Six Flags New England.
  16. I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and mild depression. You probably wouldn’t be  able to tell just from talking with me once, but you might notice after you started to get to know me!
  17. Since my sophomore year of high school I’ve had 12 surgeries on my leg. I got to know my surgeon so well that I get a call from him on my birthday every year, and he sent me $20 when I graduated high school.
  18. I was allergic to dairy for about 6 years. Luckily, I’m not anymore, but every once in awhile when I’m not feeling good I’ll cut dairy from my diet for a few weeks. It’s actually pretty easy for me, at this point. The hard part is fake dairy! I hate it!
  19. I’m terrified of heights and driving, which is why I don’t have my driver’s license. Or a license to fly an airplane. I’ve gotten really good at using public transit:)
  20. I want to eventually get my Ph.D. so I can make my family call me Dr. Bartley.
  21. My mom used to be a cake decorator, so I can decorate cakes pretty well. Here’s a TMNT cake I made about 2 years ago (Yes, I know none of them are yellow… I didn’t have any of the other colors.)
    TMNT cake
  22. Softball is in my blood– I learned how to throw a ball before I learned how to walk. I was the youngest softball coach in my town’s history at age 16… until my sister started coaching at 14.
  23. I don’t have a favorite TV show, but some are Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, The 100, Big Brother, and Dexter.
  24. I bake when I’m stressed. I love to make people fat– ask anyone at FYE. I was so stressed by the end of last semester that every time I went home for the weekend I’d come back with some sort of baked good– cookies, brownies, cupcakes, anything.
  25. When I graduate in 2017, I’ll be the first person in my immediate family with a college degree!