16 Facts About Mentor Jenna

Hola, que pasa? Me llamo Jenna Bekeshka y encanto Salem State University! Aqui estan dieciseis hechos acerca de me!

Hi, how’s it going? My name is Jenna Bekeshka and I love SSU! Here are 16 facts about me!


1.) I love learning languages, so besides English, I know a fair amount of Spanish and American Sign Language

2.) I have traveled to Greece, Italy and Ireland

3.) I was born in Lianjiang, China

4.) I was adopted when I was one year old, and when I got off the plane in America, my family drove me home in a limo

5.) I collect dragon statues from all over the world, such as Amsterdam, Washington D.C., Italy, etc.

6.) I played the clarinet and bass drum in my high school marching band

7.) Writing is my passion-specifically poetry and rapping

8.) Snapbacks of different colors are my fashion trend

Image result for pictures of snapbacks

9.) The only concert I have been to so far was The Jonas Brothers when I was in middle school

10.) The Lorax is my spirit animal

Image result for the lorax

11.) I drive a yellow car and his name is Bumblebee; I treat him like a son

12.) I never had to take final exams in high school

13.) I want a dragon tattoo and a tiger tattoo when I’m older; I’m not doing quote tattoos, but if I did, it would be, “You have to get lost before you find yourself” and “Burning down the night, shooting bullets at the moon”.

14.) One of my future goals is to watch the sun rise above the Grand Canyon, because we always see the sun set, but how often do we see the sun rise?

15.) I love going on nature walks

16.) My full initials are JLPB (I have two middle names, how cool is that?), so I like to think of it as an acronym for “Jelly Loves Peanut Butter”.

Image result for jelly loves peanut butter

16 Facts About FYM Kaitlynn

Hey, first years!


I’m Kaitlynn, I’m a first year mentor at the first year experience office and here are 16 facts about me.

  1. I love dogs. A lot.
  2. I have a dog, Sasha. She’s my pride and joy.
  3. I’m addicted to coffee.
  4. I’m an English major with a minor in Educational Studies.
  5. Which means that I love to read. Specifically Young Adult and Gothic literature.
  6. Last March I went to London and had the time of my life.
    kait shirley big ben
  7. I’m an Editor-In-Chief for Odyssey! If you’re interested in writing weekly articles on whatever you want, feel free to come talk to me about it!
  8. This is my second year as a First Year Mentor – last year I won the Mentor of the Year award!
  9. My middle name is Joy.
  10. I also work at the library and I tutor for the Center for Academic Excellence.
  11. I love Harry Potter.
  12. I also love Mary Lambert.
  13. My little sister is going to UMass Boston this year (and I’m super excited about it!).
  14. I was a tutor in residence for the Summer Bridge Academy over the summer.
  15. I want to go into Higher Education in Student Affairs.
  16. I love Salem State University. A lot. It’s kind of a problem.

16 Facts for FYM Dara!

Hello! Here are some interesting facts about me.


1.) I am a sophomore here at Salem State University studying social work.

2.) I am an out of state student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3.) I play on the Salem State women’s ice hockey team as a forward.


4.) This is my second year working in the wonderful First Year Experience room.

5.) I have a younger sister who is a freshman at Illinois State University.


6.) I love to travel and am planning a trip out to the West Coast for this upcoming May.

7.) My favorite kind of food is either seafood or Italian food…but lets be honest, all food is my favorite.

8.) My favorite place on campus is one-hundred and ten percent the O’Keefe center (if you have not been there you should go).


9.) I am extremely close with my family.

10.) When stressed there are many close places to de-stress; Forest River Park and Castle Rock are relaxing and beautiful!

11.) I have been to Germany, Italy, and Canada but hope to further my out of country experiences as I get older.

12.) My favorite quote is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky

13.) The motto I live by is “when you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe that’s when you’ve become successful”.

14.) I believe that being positive is motivating and being active on campus helps you stay involved and keep busy.

15.) I hope to skydive one day… P.S. I love adventuring

16.) Most importantly, my favorite thing in this world is my dog, Snicks, that I rescued spontaneously on December 20,2015. He is a lovable one year old pit-bull mix with terrier.

img_3463  I am always here to help or answer any questions. I will be in Meier Hall 100A Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! (:

16 Facts about FYM Jennyfer

Hey Everyone! This is my first year working as a mentor in the FYE office and these are 16 facts about me:


  1. I am a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Secondary Education.
  2. I am from Boston and I think that it is the best city in the world!
  3. I am a residential student and I live in Marsh Hall.
  4. I am obsessed with finding memes online and invading the group chat that I have with friends.
  5. This past summer I got the chance to be a part of Breakthrough Greater Boston, which is a nonprofit organization that hires about 30 college students to teach middle school students. I had the pleasure of teaching 7th grade writing, which is EXACTLY what I want to do with my life.
  6. In my spare time, I love to write, read (my favorite book is The Poisonwood Bible) because on top of being an educator, I hope to write a best selling novel in the future. (BE ON THE LOOKOUT)!
  7.  I have seven piercings and I hope to get a tattoo in the near future.
  8.  I have a younger sister and an older sister.
  9. I own a lot of sneakers!
  10. I have been writing since I was in 7th grade and I still own my first journal.
  11. I hope to visit London one day- hopefully I can study abroad!
  12. I not only work here as a First Year Mentor, I also work at the Alumni House where I connect with all Alumni about things on campus and funding for our various departments.
  13. I am obsessed with Scandal and The Walking Dead.
  14. One of my dreams in life is to meet Rihanna. My life will not be complete until I do so.
  15. My favorite colors are green and pink.
  16. My birthday is on New Years! Which in my opinion is a blessing and a curse.


16 Facts about FYM Mikaela


  1. I am in my junior year- I am a double major in Elementary Education and Geography. I am also in the 4+1 program here!
  2. I went to a Sunflower farm this past summer and I absolutely loved it!
  3. I am an only child
  1. I have lots of pets- 2 dogs and 2 cats

    5. I am a resident student and I live in Viking Hall

    6. I am from Western Massachusetts- specifically a small town named Easthampton which is about 2.5 hours away from Salem (without traffic!)
    7. I love peanut butter!

    8. I have 1 tattoo and hope to get another one

9. This is my second year working in the FYE office, and I love it being able to make such great connections with the the first year and transfer students as well as the people within the office.

10. I am treasurer of the Future Educators of America club on campus

11. I take boxing classes at the Gassett Fitness Center. Pink Gloves Boxing!main-logo1

12. One of my favorite things to eat is chips and salsa or chips and guacamole

13. My car’s name is Betty

14. I went to California this past spring break! My favorite part was being able to visit Harry Potter World!!!074





16 Facts About FYM Tal

11866395_873067359441871_8505722786024301155_n1. I am a Sophomore at Salem State University.

2. I am a Communications Major, concentration – Media Productions.

3. I have a big following on Youtube where I post highlights of the Game Grumps ( Just type in Tal Rimoni and you’ll find me).


4. My favorite food is Hamburger (best place to get a good Hamburger is Eagle’s Deli in Cleveland Circle).

5. My favorite school subject is Math.

6. My favorite shows are Daredevil, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, and House of Cards.


7. I grew up with Pokemon, I still love Pokemon, you can talk to me about Pokemon.

8. I work at the Macy*s at Downtown Crossing Boston.

9. I’m a big fan of Nintendo games, but really want a PS4.


10. I am from Boston, born and bred.

11. I want to go into film, and also start a film club on campus. If anybody is interested, hit me up on Facebook (Tal Rimoni).

12. I am part of the SSU’s Radio WMWM. Tune into my show Tuesday’s around 8-10 PM where I just play good tunes and act weird. I also co-host with Harry Watson, host of his show Little Show of Horrors at 10-11 PM Mondays. Tune into 91.7 WMWM Salem.

13. I am a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.


14. My girlfriend says I am a great listener and give good advice, so if life has got you down, come to me. I got tissues.

15. This is my first time working for the First Year Experience, so I am very excited to help y’all Freshman and Transfer students get acquainted with the campus.

16. Lastly, I am a musician. I play violin, piano, I also compose original music, and I am concertmaster (basically second in command) in the Salem State Chamber Orchestra.


16 Facts in 2016 About FYM Patrick

Hi First-Years!


My name is Patrick Braley & I’m a First-Year Mentor here at Salem State. Below are 16 (random) facts about me that you probably didn’t know… Ready to get started?

  1. I am a junior at Salem State with a Psychology major & a minor in marketing
  2. I have 2 cats named Haleigh & Leo… They’re adorable (That’s Leo below) leo-pic
  3. I’m have Celiac disease and so I have to eat gluten-free.
  4. I love to cook & bake! I made these really awesome (and vegan) donuts.


5. My zodiac sign is a Gemini (June baby here). Some people claimed that the dates changes but I don’t believe them

6. In my free time, one of the things I like to do is unwind with some Netflix (I’m currently binging season 3 of The Blacklist)

7. I participated in Moving Forward/Giving Back, the 1st Year Day of Service. My group went to North Arc in Danvers where we helped run a cookout for folks with disabilities.


8. Confession: I spend all my dining dollars on Naked juices at Outtakes

9. After graduating from SSU my career goal is to open up my own private hypnotherapy practice to help people quit smoking, lose weight, reduce their stress, increase confidence & much more!

10. I’m a certified DreamGuide™ which means that I help people improve their sleep, interpret dreams & conduct workshops on the dream realm. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments!


11. I also really enjoy reading a good book. My recent favorite book I’ve read is called “How to Be a Badass” by Jen Sincero.

12. I’m low-key obsessed with the gluten-free donuts from Kane’s Donuts in Saugus, MA. If you haven’t heard of them before definitely go check it out!


13. In addition to working in the First-Year office, I work as a Desk Receptionist in Marsh Res hall.

14. I have 2 amazing younger sisters- Shannon who’s 17 (and growing up fast!) and Madison who will be 9 next month!


15. I was featured in the Alliance’s Raspberry Swirl as the host last spring. My drag name was Ophelia Oats.

16. Something else that I’m really passionate about is my work as a stage hypnotist. I just recently did a show for the SSU residence life staff  training. In the photo, everyone was taking their best #selfie.


If you see me around campus, say hi! Or you can always come visit me in the First-Year Experience office- Monday’s & Wednesday’s 1-5p.m.

Good luck with your first year!

Study hard, be well & stay awesome,
FYM Patrick




16 Facts About FYM Ashley


Get to know me!

  1. Hello everyone! I am First Year Mentor Ashley and I am a sophomore here at Salem State!
  2. My majors are Elementary Education and American Studies. I absolutely love the programs I am in and hope to become a first grade teacher in my future!
  3. I love being a busy-body! Not only am I a full-time resident student and a first year mentor, I am also a receptionist at Woburn Toyota. I really enjoy working and keeping busy.
  4. I am from Billerica, MA but currently live in Woburn with my bestfriends, my mom and my grandmother, “Nonnie”. This summer she just turned 80 and she’s still kicking it!14171862_1431060083576690_321674220_n (1).jpg
  5. I love art! I have a passion for painting and doing crafts. I never knew that I loved to paint until I got into high school and took art classes with amazing teachers. I thought for a long time about majoring in art here at Salem State but I really want to keep my talent as a passion and hobby. (The picture is a self portrait if you can’t already tell.)
  6. I am in-love with doing makeup! I am the queen of make-up “dupes”. Everything I own and use is from the drug store and I can talk to you about it for hours! If you ever have a special occasion that you want your makeup done for let me know!!
  7. My favorite show is The Office. I am addicted to watching it over and over again. I really cannot tell you how many times I have watched it all the way through because I lost count a while ago.Image result for michael scott
  8. I have two tattoos! I am a huge fan of tattoos especially since I am an art geek. My first tattoo is on my back. It is a tribute piece for my father who passed away three years ago. His favorite flowers were blue hydrangeas so it is supposed to resemble him giving them to me. My second tattoo is on my shoulder area and it says, “I will never falter” to remind myself daily to never lose my strength.
  9. As I just stated, I lost my father about three years ago and it was the hardest time of my life. This tragedy has made me the woman I am today and definitely made me stronger. If anyone ever needs someone to empathize with them please contact me, I’d love to help and support you.
  10. I LOVE the beach! I try to go to the beach as often as possible, not only in the summer time. There is just something about the sand and the ocean that makes me feel so great. Especially when I get to enjoy it with my best friends!
  11. I have an older brother named DJ! We are between seven and eight years apart in age but we get along so well! He’s always been such a big role model of mine and I love hanging out with him. (People say we look alike but of course we don’t see it at all).
  12. At home, I have a dog named Bruno. He is a basset hound and he is super sassy. This summer he just turned 8 so he is turning into an old man! (Very photogenic I know).
  13. My favorite classes that I have taken so far at Salem State was my first year seminar, “Be your Own Hero” and my Exploring Education classes. My professors were outstanding and made learning not only an easy process but very enjoyable. So shout out to Professor Fallon and Professor Ziergiebel, you guys ROCK!
  14. One of my favorite things to do is to try new foods! I am not a picky eater so I am usually willing to try just about anything! Sushi is my obsession though!
  15. Most people, and I’m talking about professors, high school teachers, friends, family, and significant others, all call me “Ash P”. In high school, I had three friends named Ashley so it was a nickname that just happened to stick for six years.
  16. The only time I have ever traveled outside of the country is when I went to Bermuda with my entire family! It was very beautiful and an amazing experience. I would really love to go back one day because I 10/10 would recommend it as your next destination spot.

16 Facts About FYM Hunter


  1. I’m a Junior here at Salem State, and this is my first year as an FYE mentor (so first year students aren’t the only ones with a new experience)
  2. I’m majoring in biology with a biomed concentration
  3. I grew up in Haverhill but I have lived in Amesbury since the summer before I started here at SSU
  4. I graduated from Essex Aggie (now Essex Tech) in 2014
  5. I have commuted to Salem since my Freshman year (and in case you were wondering, the traffic is always awful and the road work never ends)
  6. I have a deep obsession with the Patriots and football in general, to the point where about half of the things I own have a patriots logo on thempatriots
  7. TV is my other (slightly more embarrassing) obsession
  8. I find it completely unbelievable when someone doesn’t like Game of Thronesgame_of_thrones_title_card
  9. I have two older sisters, one niece, and 2 (soon to be 3) nephews
  10. I’m a member of the honors program here at Salem State
  11. I have a strong, illogical hatred of sunflowers
  12. When I was a kid, I was sure that I wanted to become a Veterinarian, but I changed my mind when I was in high school
  13. I plan to attend medical school after I graduate from SSU and the thought of taking the MCATs terrifies me!
  14. I’m hoping to one day become a pediatric oncologist
  15. Step Brothers is my favorite movie of all time
  16. Probably most surprising of all, I have never seen Star Wars

16 Facts About FYM Kelly

Hey everyone! My name is Kelly, and I am a mentor in the First Year Experience office. Here are some fun facts about me!


  1. This is my third year working in FYE as a mentor  and my fourth year at SSU – I love helping my fellow students learn how to make the most of Salem State!
  2. I am from Brockton, which is a city on the South Shore.
  3. I am a double major, getting my BFA in Technical Theatre, and my BA in history (I’m only one class away from finishing my history degree – so exciting!)
  4. I have what is probably an unhealthy addiction to Snapchat. Right now, I have a 508 day streak with my roommate.
  5. I’ve watched The Office all the way through upwards of 15 times at this point. It’s my absolute favorite show, and I quote it on a daily basis.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 6.45.10 PM.png

  6. I have an older sister who just finished undergrad as a chemist – we have different interests, but she’s one of my best friends.
  7. My favorite band is a tie between The Wonder Years and Balance and Composure.
  8. I love to relieve stress by swimming, though I don’t go too often anymore; I swam competitively for 8 years, and something about the water just feels right.
  9. My favorite places to go in downtown Salem are Front Street Coffee and Roost and Company, the coffee is amazing and Roost has such delicate and cute merchandise.
  10. I’ve been to the PEM more times than I can count, right now they have a painting by Tyeb Mehta in an exhibit on South Asia, and it blew my mind. My concentration in history is South Asia, so to see a little piece of that history here in Salem was amazing!
  11. Next summer, I’m going on a month long trip through Europe (I haven’t stopped daydreaming about it since I booked the vacation).
  12. I’m on track to graduate in May 2018 – know there is no shame in taking a 5th year to finish up school, and that many people do that! Work at your own pace.
  13. I live on campus in Viking Hall with AM Brooke and FYM Angelina. We’ve been living in Bowditch for the last three years so it’s been a nice change of pace.
  14. My favorite movie of all time is Howl’s Moving Castle. I haven’t watched it in a while, but I used to be able to quote the entire movie (I watched it that many times).
  15. One of my life goals is to have my own Pug, I love them more than most things.
  16. I really love flowers, but sunflowers are my absolute favorite.


Feel free to come visit me in the First Year Experience office on Mondays 8:30-12 and Thursdays 1-3!

Good luck with the fall semester,
FYM Kelly