Interview 101

Spring Break is over and the summer job/internship hunt has begun. Have you thought about your strengths and weaknesses when you apply for a job? How the job will help you in the future? What kinds of skills you bring to the table? I have some tips to help you rock the interview and secure the position!

  • Show up early, but not too early! Get to your interview with a reasonable amount of time to show that you are punctual and responsible but not too eager. You want to give your interviewer their time before your appointment.
  • NO BEVERAGES! This can be a major distraction for your (hopefully) future employer and unprofessional. You want to remain focused on the task at hand!
  • Dress professionally and appropriately! Look your best and as the saying goes, “dress for success!” It will give you confidence and show your employer that you care about representing yourself and their company if you were to be hired.
  • Go prepared! When you head into your interview make sure you bring copies of your resume, questions you may have about the position, paper, and pen. By having all of this information at your fingertips you will show your future employer that you are professional and organized.
  • Be able to hold a conversation and engage yourself! Be able to sell your strengths and carry on a conversation that promotes your skills that can’t be put into words! Leave a great first impression!

Everyone is capable of doing well and checking off each of these points! Take some time to prepare and you will be successful! If you would like any more tips head to Meier Hall 100A and we can assist you!

-FYM Jordan

The U.S. and World Report News website ( helped me put together these tips!

Time is Running Out…

Time management is one extremely helpful skill that you will use in college and continue to use for the rest of your life.I am a very busy person; therefore, being able to manage my time wisely is a major component in my day to day life. Being involved in clubs and trying to get homework done can sometimes be overwhelming. However, time management has become my “best friend”. As the semester is beginning to come to an end, it is very important to keep yourself organized and finish off your assignments on time!

Here are three helpful ways that you can complete everything that you need to and have some spare time for fun too!

  1. Making lists

This creates a systematic way to remember everything thing you need to do. For instance, if you have math homework, a project in Geography, an email to send out, and also reading to complete, you would write each of these items down in a list format. As you complete each of these items – cross them out! This will show what great progress you are making and continue to motivate you to complete the list.

2. Setting goals

Setting timely goals is another way of staying on task. If you only have one night to complete a complex assignment, then make hourly goals of what you want to achieve in a certain amount of time. By doing this you will force yourself to stay on task and finish all of your work.

3. Schedule time interruptions

By setting up a certain time for interruptions you are allowing yourself a break from the work that you are trying to complete. I personally use this tip to its full advantage. For example, if I am writing a paper I will allow myself to take a ten minute break in between writing every page. The interruption time acts as a reward for writing a page of the paper.

I hope that these tips will helpful to all first year students and beyond.

Look How Far You’ve Come!

We are almost done with Spring semester and beginning to register for classes. You are registering for sophomore year!!! Can you believe how close you are to not being a first year anymore? This is a great time to be proud of yourself for such an amazing accomplishment and a good time to reflect on the year and what you want next year to be like. College is about making mistakes, taking risks and learning a ton in AND out of the classroom. In the spirit of reflecting on the past year I am going to share a few things I learned about myself, college and life this year and hopefully inspire you to think about all the amazing things you learned this year too!

  1. Cut yourself some slack! My Dad always told me “Always do your best but remember that your best is different every single day”. I am a perfectionist especially when it comes to grades and I can get a bit down on myself when my work suffers even if I have good reason! I learned this year to realize that as long as I was putting in my best possible effort for the time being I am doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing!
  2. Look forward to the future but don’t rush through these years! I think of my future career and graduating all the time which is good for planning purposes but it is important to enjoy the time you have here because college flies by and it is important to enjoy it!
  3. Say “Hello” even if you have just had one class with someone and didn’t really know them. It makes my day to walk around and smile or just say a simple greeting or have someone say a simple greeting to me. You never know whose day needs a little sunshine!
  4. Keep yourself happy and healthy by staying balanced. Go for a walk and eat a piece of fruit to feel nice and healthy! Take a mental break when you need it and do something that makes you happy! Call your family, the first year of college is harder for them than you and keeping in touch while you are at school makes you feel good. It is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself in every aspect of your life- not just school.

Enjoy the rest of your semester and don’t forget to smile and think about how close you are to summer and how far you have come since September!

5 Weeks Left – Making the Most of Your Summer

With only FIVE WEEKS (plus finals) left in this snowy/rainy/strange spring semester, first year students are coming to a close on their first year of college – it went by fast, didn’t it?

With some time to plan and think ahead, this is a good chance to figure out what you’re going to be doing this summer! Most people don’t really put a whole lot of thought into the college students’ first summer vacation, but in all reality, it’s a lot different than your high school summer vacations because it’s about two months longer, and by the end of June you (like I was last summer) will probably be bored out of your mind.

Having said this, there are a lot of cool things you can do in your spare time this summer!

1. Apply for a summer job/internships – LOTS of places in your hometown will hire students for the summer with the knowledge that, once september rolls around again, you’ll be back to school. Not only will you be busy, but you’ll be making some money along the way. Always keep in mind that retail is not the only option – you could be a camp counselor or even a lifeguard! (Plus outdoor jobs help you get a nice tan!) Internships are sometimes paid, sometimes not. So though you may end up working for free, the experience that comes with an internship can be integral in finding a job upon graduation. Do some research in your field and start applying! Some internships are short (just a couple weeks) and some are long (a couple of months or even the whole summer). Salem State offers some positions in the summer for students as well, such as orientation navigators and more! Check with Residence Life for some on-campus summer jobs!

2. Go to the library – I know. School just ended and I’m saying go to the library. The cool thing about summer when you are in college is that there are no required summer readings for you to do. So you can read on your own time, willingly, for fun! Books are a great way to keep entertained in the summer, and the best part about books is that they are portable – so they can come with you to the beach! (plus, books from the library are FREE, and who doesn’t like free entertainment?

3. Become one with nature – Especially after this winter with the 7 feet of snow on the ground, summer is your opportunity to get outside and have some fun. Schedule a camping trip with your friends for a long weekend. Who doesn’t love tents and s’mores and the smell of bug spray, right? Go in the water at the beach – yes it’s cold, but that’s kind of the point! Go fishing, go to your local park and take a hike (literally). Buy a slip n’ slide for your back yard. It’s time to go back to your childhood and play outside!

The Countdown to Summer has Begun
Good luck with these last few weeks of school and finals!
FYM Kelly

Be a marathon runner running the last lap!

Race, chase and jump over the hurdle and finish this spring semester with a satisfying achievement! Many good things are waiting for you in the finish line,  and know that ” Winners  never quit and quitters never win.” Vince Lombardi
We all should be thankful of having this routine break last week . Some people traveled abroad to discover a new culture, others slept most of the time and spent  some time with family, and others worked more hours in their  regular job.  I think that each of these things are good and contribute in making you a better person, by gaining experience, and reinforcing your family relationship .  Each level of life matters, but as long as you pass one never look back but look forward on what you can do next. And remember that at the end of a race, it only matters how you finished it and not how you started it. Progress can always be made and honor and happiness can also still be received. Here are some ” Hacks” on how to successfully pass this last level of this semester:
– Believe in yourself and in your extraordinary abilities
-Study smart and hard
– Give small breaks to your self
– Talk to your professors about your  progress or if you have any issue
-Eat well, because food is energy and without it you cannot function
– Stay or be positive


Holding Myself Accountable

Advocating for yourself is one of the most important skills you learn in college. Whether you are trying to get into a closed class or trying to get an internship advocating for yourself is necessary. It can be scary to think about the fact that you no longer have other people to take of things for you. It’s important to realize that how things happen for you depends on your involvement in your own life. It’s really easy to blame bad experiences on teachers, classmates, or even the weather but in actuality you are the one responsible for your own outcomes in life. For the past year I have been working on trying to get an internship with a specific group that my professor recommended to me. At first I thought that since she had recommended them to me that that would mean she would take care of most of the heavy lifting of this process for me. It became apparent however that while my experiences and successes may be important to her they were not the be all and end all like they are for me. This is in no way her fault as she is her own person with her own life and commitments that come along with it. I had to realize that if I really wanted this opportunity and the experiences it would bring to me I had to work for it. So I reached out to the organization and started a dialogue with them about interning with them for the summer. Because I took the action necessary to improve my future and get an experience that I wanted I will now have more marketable experience and new contacts to help me in the professional world after college. Taking accountability for yourself doesn’t have to mean that you go out and get an internship for yourself, you can start with something as small as admitting that you are responsible for your grades.

Sink or Float

Are you struggling with a class that you are currently taking? Do you wish there was some way that you could get help one-on-one? If your answer to was yes to any of those questions you are certainly in luck! Tutors are available and waiting for people to ask them for help! All you have to do is sign up online. Tutoring is a beautiful thing. If you aren’t comfortable asking your professor for extra help in your subject area that you’re struggling in, tutoring is another way to get that extra help that you need. Tutors are there for you, but you have to be the one to ask for the help. No one is going to know that you need the help until you ask them. Tutors are not only there just to help you understand the material in a different way, they can also work with students in order to help them with general school stuff. Sometimes organization is all a student needs to stop struggling in a class. Maybe just sitting with someone while they do their homework is motivation enough to complete their homework. It is important that people realize that tutors are there to help the students with whatever they need help with. So instead of just sinking and letting yourself fail the course, why not ask for a little bit of help and you can see yourself float!

Everything You Learned in Elementary School You Can Use in College

I’m sure we’ve all had that one teacher that tries to organize every student’s life. Although sometimes we may not want to admit that that certain teacher had an effect on us. I used to be completely unorganized until I got to the fourth grade. This teacher had a whole binder system set up in her classroom in order to teach all of her students how to stay organized. After that year I never reverted back to the unorganized way of student life ever again. Turns out that organization is just as important in college as it is in elementary school.

Here are some helpful tips to be organized:

To do lists are very important. Here you can keep track of everything that you have to do for the week.

Another thing you can do is organize your classes into binders. You can do this one of two ways.

1. You can have a binder for Monday, Wednesday/Friday, and a Tuesday/Thursday binder. This is great because you only have to bring one binder to class and you will have all of the information and materials you may need.

2. You can have a separate binder for each class. This will certainly keep you organized, but your bag will certainly be heavier.

Another way to stay organized is by keeping a large desk calendar. This is very helpful because it is something that you will see every day. If you write down all of the assignments on the correct dates that they are due, you will never miss or forget to complete an assignment.

For more ideas on organization you can search on Pinterest has great ideas about how to organize your school life and classes. Maybe you will even be inspired to organize other things after completing this task.

Final Semester Papers- Don’t Delay!

If you have a long paper that is due at the end of the semester, the best time to start it is now! Instead of waiting to the last week (or even day!) to write an eight page paper or more, follow these helpful tips to ensure that you can pass in your best work without feeling the stress.

  1. Start Now, Baby Steps. You don’t have to start on a full paper now so no worries. At this time, start to draft an outline. What is your thesis? What are the main points you want you want to discuss? If you need resources, start looking at the online library data base on EBSCOhost. Carefully examine the guidelines and if you are unclear or unsure about anything, ask your professor! Free write a little if you want which means just jotting down whatever comes to mind, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  2. Draft, Draft, Draft. By this time, you should start drafting a thesis or an opening statement. Use resources that you read and picked information from to give more detail to main points, and so on. Remember it doesn’t have to be prefect, you should go through two or three drafts. Maybe you want to include more points, take some out that are not necessary, rearrange information to make the paper flow, making sure that your audience can understand it. Later drafts will be about the finer detail. Grammar, spelling errors, sentence flow, and more.
  3. Fine Tune It. It is now nearing the due date, you have gone through several drafts and are feeling confident. Look at your requirements to see if you have met them. Did you format it right? Cite any possible sources? Maybe have your friends look at it to see if they can catch any errors. Print it out yourself and read it out loud which makes it easier to see errors and hearing your own voice helps you catch anything that might sound off. Remember to read it out loud and at a slow pace, not rushing over it.

This process is done over a months time for a few hours a week, make a schedule to sit down and focus your attention on it. Here are a few resources and small tips to help more:

  • Don’t stress over length, write everything that you have to say first and then look at it. Worrying over this may effect the quality of the paper.
  • Work in a calm, quite environment with no distractions.
  • Visit the Writing Center in room 113 of the library: they can help you at any stage of writing and make you a better writer! Call 978.542.6491 or walk into the Writing Center to make an appointment. Schedule ahead because it can be booked fast!
  • Great academic search engine for articles: EBSCOhost, go to the library and ask a librarian for more information of how to use it effectively.
  • Guidelines for writing and helpful writing resources: Purdue OWL

Good luck on your papers!

Planning Events

In your first year something everyone tells you to do is join clubs Something that is really cool to do with clubs is to get involved to the point where you can plan your own events. Being able to have an idea for a program, or event that you think you get tons of people and being able to actually plan and hold the event is something that clubs here on campus can offer you.

 Clubs such as First Year Advisory Board hold meetings every other week, and try to get as much student input into their events as they can. FAB is a great club to join as a first year student because you are able to have your voice heard and can give input that is taken into planning events! Then when you become an upper classmate you can help advise the new students, and help them plan the events they want to have!

Clubs are supposed to be super fun and easy. They are a break away from the stress of classes and work. In joining clubs you can plan events that will help you meet all kinds of new people. Even though the school year is almost over, it is never too late to make an effort to get involved with a group or club on campus.