Breathe Your Way to Couch to 5K

Hello First Years! Are you looking for a way to get fit, physically and mentally? The Gassett Fitness Center is offering a program called "Breathe Your Way to Couch to 5K" that may be just right for you! This FREE program through the GFC is here to teach you about meditation, mindfulness and fitness to... Continue Reading →


Why YOU Should Take the Mapworks Survey

Hello Vikings! I hope your semesters are going well! You may have gotten the emails, seen the posts, and received a flier: the Mapworks Spring 2018 Transition Survey is out! Mapworks is an office that is built to give you the resources you need to do well. They give you tips to succeed and have... Continue Reading →

Business Etiquette Dinner

So we've all seen that scene in a Rom-Com where the couple goes to a fancy restaurant and there's like a million knives and forks. Between trying to figure out which spoon you should be using or which hand you hold a knife in, business etiquette is the last thing on someone's mind. Career Services... Continue Reading →

Important Housing Information

Hey First Years! It may still be the beginning of Spring semester, but it’s time to start planning for next year! Your FAFSA application should be getting completed, as well as some of your scholarship information, but what about Housing?! For students who are seeking to live on campus, the housing deposit (of $300) is... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Stress Strategies

Right around February is about the time when the semester really kicks in to full gear for me. Suddenly I have an exam, a giant project, a portfolio review, and an interview all in one week to get done. Sometimes it feels like it'll be impossible to be able to get all of my work... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons: MOTIVATION

Hey First-Years! As a fellow student, I understand the difficulty of keeping yourself motivated throughout your experience. Here are some tips on staying motivated through all of the stress you might encounter in your time as a college student. 1. Never stop Exploring, Dreaming, or Learning. Part of pursuing a degree, comes with exploring your... Continue Reading →

S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

Hello Vikings! I hope the Spring semester has been treating everyone well in terms of your academic and social lives. To commence my first blog of this new semester, I’m going to be talking about how to set SMART Goals! S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym that stands for Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed. If you... Continue Reading →

Fun Snow Tubing Event!

Hey first-years! I hope you have all settled into your classes and routine for the semester. As you can tell, Salem has entered the heart of winter. Trees wear lovely white gowns, my yellow car-yes, it's very yellow-is now covered in white, and footprints on the ground show a busy day for Salem State. Simply... Continue Reading →

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