Midterm Madness

It is close to that time. Late nights, early mornings, and tons of coffee are in the near future. Midterms are quickly approaching but the good news is Thanksgiving break is just on the other side of those crazy nights. My first semester at Salem State was a few years ago but I can remember my midterms like it was yesterday. I was doing fairly well in my classes but was worried about studying for a midterm. Prior to that semester I never had midterms and having so much of my final grade weighted from that one exam caused me to be a little stressed, and by a little I mean a lot!!

 With a lot of first year students this is a common concern. Since you are reading the FYE blog I thought I should share a tip to help you prepare for your midterms! I do not recommend waiting till the night before to study for your exam honestly it is the worse. Start reading your notes now!! Try to close your notebook after reading through and see how much of the information you retained. If you forgot some of the information then that is the information you should go back and reread. The week before the midterm exam start quizzing yourself whether it is with notecards or with having a friend quiz you. I promise with this tip you will do a lot better!!

 Though those midterms will take a toll on you believe me all the effort you put into studying with pay off!! I know it gets stressful but we all make it through. So when you are sitting at the library at 1:30am just know the person you are sitting next to you is just as stressed out but is just as determined as you. When you are there be sure to introduce yourself to that person next to you because taking breaks and learning about someone else can be stress relieving and hey you just made a new friend!! Well it is time for me to start studying for my midterms… Hope you all are successful with yours!! Maybe I will be that person you are sitting next to in the library at 1:30am and we could become friends!!


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