What’s your learning style?

Recently while stressing out over a huge anatomy exam, I thought “Maybe I am not studying the right way?” My roommate asked me “Well, what type of learner are you?” I had no clue. I had never really thought about what specific way I learn best. So I turned to Google, and found this simple test. (http://www.edutopia.org/multiple-intelligences-learning-styles-quiz) There were four questions; each with several different categories and the goal was to rank how you felt about each category. After completing the test, your results will hopefully give you  a 100% match to one of the learning styles. The website also has a brief description of each learning style and what you might want to consider while studying.

Everyone’s results will be different, but mine told me that I am an Intrapersonal learner. Which I found to be very true, and I thought the tips for learning were very useful. The tips told me to make sure to study in a quiet but comfortable location. Also to set goals and monitor my progress, and to reflect on the material and what I have learned through studying. These types of self facilitation turned out to be very useful, and allowed me to rework my study routine and get through a ton of information.   But I think my favorite part of the quiz was the given mantra for the Intrapersonal learner; “To thy own self be true.” I think that no matter what type of learner you are you have to at least believe in your self and in your abilities. That will help you succeed

The main take away from this survey for me was to gain some studying tips, but also to gain a bit of confidence in my new found learning style. This type of information can prove to be very helpful when studying for any type of exam. The descriptions for all types of learners are located here:http://www.edutopia.org/your-learning-styles. I would highly recommend this survey to any student looking to improve their studying effectiveness. Also its kinda funny to read the descriptions and be like “This is legit describing my life.” I hope this proves to be useful to all the first year students and students beyond.



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