Ideal Study Environment

Studying is a very hard activity to stay focused on. Some people may need a completely quiet study space in order to be able to focus on the material they are studying. However, I find that a completely quiet space can be more distracting than anything else. I recently noticed while study for a biology exam that I could not stay focused on the topic while sitting in a quiet room. My mind continued to wander to anything and everything but biology. Note: my test was the next day…I really needed to focus. I decided that I would put on some music in the back ground to see if that had helped me at all. This worked…but not for long. Soon after I began singing the lyrics and not paying attention to what I needed to study. Then I thought of another idea. I Google searched for a list bands in the genre of music that I listen to. I then found one band that I had never heard of before and put that music on in the background. This allowed me to focus more on my biology notes and less on the lyrics since I had never heard them before. This also helped me stay focused because there was some background noise in the room.

 So if you are like me and find it hard to focus when there is complete silence try listening to music that you have never heard before. This will force you to become one with the material that you are trying to learn and not be distracted by lyrics that you know or things that are taking place around you. If you are the person that is able to study in a completely quiet room, then props to you! Keep doing what you’re doing!



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