Online classes.

Online classes are a blessing. They are very useful in scheduling because they allow you to be much more flexible. In taking an online class you lose class time but still gain all of the work associated with the course. Instead of going to class and participating, you have to get used to posting on discussion boards. Papers summarizing your comprehension replace tests. And reading the text becomes extremely important and relevant. Even though you aren’t metting every week, the weekly course work still exists.

In my experience I have found that even though you have to take on a bit more responsibility and continue to work hard, taking an online class is worth it. By taking a course online, you are able to complete core or major requirements in a more efficient manner. In addition they encourage you to advance your technological competency to match the requirements of the course.  Especially in the nursing program, timing is everything. Taking a few online classes can ensure your timely progress through your flowsheet and program. All in all, taking online courses is not as daunting as it may seem, and may be something consider next semester.



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