Self Motivation.

After just having a glourius three day weekend, I thought an appropriate topic to write about is self-motivation. In every class one can rely on a professor a bit to motivate you to complete work. For example if you are kinda scared of them or really don’t want to disappoint them you might be a bit more inclined to do your work. However there is a big difference between your personal responsibilities in high school and college. You must take on all this new responsibility in order to be successful in college. Its a lot to adjust to, and it is something that definately takes some time. But to truly be successful you kind of have to be your own cheerleader sometimes. Self motivation is really the key here. It is so important. While a lot of things in colege can be taken lightly, this cannot. Your work ethic is something that really matters. Working hard and pushing yourself is what will help you the most.


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