Walking the Tightrope

I often feel that it is difficult to find the perfect balance between studying and relaxing or hanging out with friends. Some of us think that it is like walking a tightrope; we have to find the balance in between before we ‘fall off’. There are many instances where I catch myself hanging out with friends too much and my grades start to slip, or I study too much to the point where I do not see friends anymore. How does one go about walking on this tight rope? Is there really that perfect balance between friends and study time?

You may be shaking your head thinking, “There can’t possibly be a balance!” However, with proper planning, you can walk that fine line with success. One helpful tip is looking ahead in your syllabus and viewing all of the assignments that are listed for your classes and mapping them out on a calendar that is visible to see. The assignments can be listed on your laptop, phone, or a physical calendar. This way, it is easy to see when everything is due and plan accordingly so you can see when to study and when to have time for friends!

To follow up with the first tip, I suggest getting your assignments completed as soon as possible. For instance, if you are not doing anything for a few hours between classes and no one is around, get some assignments out of the way. Instead of lazing around and procrastinating, turn that into productive time, you’ll thank yourself later if your friends want to hang out that night. Also, make sure you are not doing last minute assignments, do them days ahead if possible.

Remember, it is possible to have a social life and get good grades as well. By mapping out your assignments and getting them done as soon as possible, you’ll find yourself with a good amount of free time to hang out with your friends.

-Sarah M.


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