Midterms are over…now what?

So you finished your midterms, and the grades are in. Everything went pretty well, and all of your grades look good until you get to that one class. Your problem class. Everyone has one, but what can you do to raise your grade with only a little over a month of classes left?

The first thing you can do is talk to your professor. Whether it’s an email or a quick chat after class, talk to your professor and ask them what your overall grade is in the class is so far. Panicking over one failed quiz isn’t a good use of your time, instead take a look at the big picture.

Next, ask if there are any assignments you missed and if you can still turn them in for partial credit. Whether you can or not, try to make an effort to turn on all of your assignments on time for the rest of the semester. Homework is usually a huge part of your grade, so by simply turning it in on time you’re boosting your grade. Even if you’re a little confused on some questions (or all of them!), it’s better to turn in homework with a few wrong answers than to get a zero.

Another huge factor in many professors’ eyes is class attendance. Even if your professor doesn’t count attendance, they notice when someone’s only been showing up for class on days when there’s a test or quiz. A professor is more likely to put the extra effort in to boost a students’ grade if they’ve been going to class steadily.

Lastly, ask for extra credit! While extra work may be the last thing you want,  a few points can be the difference between passing and failing.


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