Staying Sane, while staying busy.

   So you are a college student now! Congratulations! You have assimilated into society well enough that you can now move away from home and enjoy some good times with other intelligent, socially acceptable young adults.  However school isn’t all fun and games, in fact, fun and games should be last on your list. School comes first. Now is the time when, as a first time college student (or second or third, depending on how seriously you took your first go or, if you felt like you just had to take that trip to Rio for a year) you should learn to juggle school work (because we all want a decent education), social work (because we all need to blow off some steam sometimes), and real work (because we need to be able to afford blowing off steam).

            Staying busy during the school year can be fun and exciting, it can also be very stressful, distracting, and can severely affect your grades, social life, and sleep pattern. Being a full time student while working three jobs is sometimes necessary, because let’s face it, school can be expensive and we can’t always coast on our parents’ wallets. That is where good scheduling and time management come in handy.

            The first thing to remember, DON’T SPREAD YOURSELF TOO THIN! Always keep in mind, you can’t do it all. Stay up to date with your classes (that includes homework), once you have your class schedule set up, focus on scheduling work hours, and THEN schedule fun things to do. Pick a movie you are excited to see, and grab a group of friends. There are also many, many activities that go on around campus, many of which are free (take advantage of these opportunities). 

            Second thing to remember, DON’T STRESS! You are not obligated to accept every invitation to go out that floats your way. Work hours can always be cut back. Just stay calm breath and look at the problem from a different angle. College is a delicate balancing act. A dance really, you may stumble at first, but once you have the steps down, you will glide across the stage of life!



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