Before You Leave for Break

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving Break, you may be tempted to sit back and relax in your classes. Hold on, there’s still a week and a half left before break! While it’s hard to keep your mind on your classes with the promise of pumpkin pie waiting for you when you go home, your professors are still teaching material that will be important during finals. While it’s a little early to start studying for finals, you may find it helpful to look up the days and times of your finals ahead of time. Many professors list these dates on the syllabus, but you can always ask them in class if you’re unsure. When you’ve figured out when all your projects are due and your exams start, try writing them down in your planner or on the calendar in your phone. Even people who don’t usually write in a planner every week can get a little flustered and forgetful at the end of the semester. Another way to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed when you come back from break is to start your projects before break. Most students don’t want to work on homework and projects during break so it will be helpful to get started now. Don’t leave everything until the last minute!  


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