Doodles or Notes

Ever end up leaving class with a notebook full of doodles instead of notes? If your answer was yes…don’t worry you are not alone. I too have been guilty of being a doodler instead of a note taker. Although drawing pictures in your notebook may be a fun way to pass the time, unfortunately, those doodles are not going to help you pass the test.

Taking notes is a very important skill to have in college. If you don’t take notes and just try to absorb what the professor is saying, chances are you aren’t going to remember everything he or she says. Taking notes is a key component to do well on tests, quizzes, and class assignments. Although some professors may use PowerPoint and post their slides on a website, not all professors do that. I have run into many professors who don’t believe PowerPoints are an effective classroom tool. These professors prefer to just stand at the front of the room and talk. If you have one of these professors, doodling isn’t going to be helpful. These professors require you to give them your full attention in order to hear and understand everything that they are saying.  

PowerPoint professors are helpful for those of you who space out and doodle during a class. However, most professors just have the PowerPoint as a reference tool so that they remember what they are talking about. They don’t put everything on the PowerPoint that they are going to say to you. More often than not, they elaborate on what they have on the board. So if you are doodling in your notebook chances are you are not picking up on what they are saying.

Even though paying attention in class can sometimes be a difficult task, try to stay focused. Staying focused will allow you to be fully engaged in the class. Notes will also help you get great grades on assignments, quizzes, and tests. It is almost a reward for taking those notes. Although doodling a little cartoon on the inside of your notebook may be more entertaining than listening to your professor, try to forget about that cartoon and listen and take notes! 



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