Groups and Clubs

Being a first year student can be overwhelming. It is your first year living away from home, being in a new environment, and not having any old friends by your side. A great way to make new friends and get involved in the school is to join a group or club on campus.

From my own experience I found that joining a club was a very successful way in making friendships. For example, my first year at school I joined the school’s dance club. This was something that I was looking forward to doing ever since I sent in my form committing to the university. By joining this dance group I met many students that had similar interests that I had. Therefore, we were able to bond not only over dance, but also about music and movies. If I never joined this dance club, then I probably wouldn’t have the great friends that I have today. Also, being a part of this group keeps me in shape! This is great because no one wants to be a part of the “Freshman 15” group.

Joining a group or club can also get you involved in your school. I am an ambassador for the school. Through this group I have met so many interesting people. This group allows me to attend events such as the speaker series and alumni events. At these events I was able to meet people such as Eliot Tatelman and Cory Booker. I also met the president of the university and many of the schools trustees. Being in this group has been extremely beneficial in terms of networking. I have made connections with people that can one day in return help me seek out great opportunities.

So moral of the story is…don’t just sit around and do nothing! There are many things for first year students to do that would allow you to make tons of friends and be involved in the school.



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