Why wait until New Years for a Resolution?

 If you have not heard of Salem State University’s newest addition, The Gassett Fitness Center, I hope that you will all check it out! This new building has been drawing a lot more of the student body to O’keefe,  which in turn is promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Not only does the fitness center have all new equipment with a Viking emblem on it, new aerobic classes, but also two new courts for students to play basketball games, condition in, and hang out with other students. The intramural program has begun to take off which opens more doors for students who miss playing on a high school team. Many doctors, websites, and fitness gurus will tell you that fitness is important and I could not agree more! Taking time out of your day to make yourself feel better about yourself helps more than sitting around and feeling down. The release of endorphins can turn your day right around! I am a student athlete here at Salem State and I love to go to the gym and just work out all of my daily stress. If I didn’t I don’t know what I would do! Like the title says, why wait until New Years for a Resolution? Start today and get active! Take advantage of the opportunities that the school has given us and get your friends together and dominate in one of the intramural programs! If you are going to do something for yourself I think this is it! Get out there and have some fun. School is important but so is your health!

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