They Make All The Difference

As a senior, I am being faced with some hard decisions. What am I going to do? What will I do? Where am I going to live? Who will I live with? Starting my first year at Salem State I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Pediatrician that was my goal and my future plan. I have wanted to do that since I was five years old. Well now going through my four years here I have learned that the best resource here on campus are the professors.

My professors have helped me a lot throughout the years by giving me guidance on what classes to take, how to study for my medical school exam and tried to tailor some of the lectures to medical related issues. If you are not liking a class go to the professor and talk to them about what you are not liking about the course. For me I was a taking a course where the problems did not relate to anything I wanted or cared to know about. When I decided it was time to talk to the professor about it they were extremely open to hearing my concerns. I sat down with the professor and explained what I wanted to do in the future and my professor asked if the problems were tailored to medical related things if I would understand better. I told her that I was not sure but it wouldn’t hurt to try. With my talk with the professor a few classes later problems in class directly related to medicine and things I cared about.

Just remember not every professor will do this, but, they are all open to suggestions and to hear student concerns. Sometimes professors think that students are enjoying their class because no one is going forward and expressing concerns. So if there are concerns, take a leap of faith and tell your professors what you would like to see done differently. You could be the reason the class gets better and more enjoyable. 

As my future is coming quick and things are happening really quickly I know that my professors are always here for me and are willing to help as long as I ask for it. So if you take anything from this blog, take this one piece of advice. Go talk to your professor. They are actually really interesting people and are different outside of the classroom. Make sure to get to know them especially in your major. Remember when you are asking later on down the road for recommendations, your professors will be the ones writing them, so the closer the relationship with them the better the recommendation letters. 


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