I can’t do this anymore!

We all reach that point in the semester when you feel like giving up on school. Trust me, I’ve had this moment a few times my first year in college. I know it you are excited for thanksgiving break and Christmas break that is coming up very fast but this means professors are going to start having papers due and test soon. The best thing to do with all the stress that is coming your way is to plan out EVERYTHING.

My advice would be to write out all of your assignments that are due and start planning out what you’re going to start on first. Don’t look at assignments at think “they aren’t due until December, I have time”. If you keep thinking like this all of your assignments are going to pile up the week its due. If your stressed out while you are trying to write a paper, give yourself a little break so you aren’t just staring at your computer for hours. Take a break, visit a friend, or have a snack then try to have a new outlook on the paper.  

Overall, I know it’s going to be overwhelming at first but just relax, take a breath, and plan. Trust me the more you plan the better you can deal with the stress. 


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