All you need is sleep.

In college, you will find that, there are so many different ways to stay awake. We are constantly bombarded with music, videos, movies, TV, and yes homework. Most students don’t realize how important it is to get a full night’s rest. Your body suffers greatly when it is not rested properly, some of the effects include:

Slower brain processes (you can’t think straight)

slower reaction (your body can’t react properly to stimuli for example if you are driving and a car pulls out in front of your car, how much sleep you acquired could make the difference between reacting in time to break or swerve or hitting the car .)

Heart problems ( your body is constantly pumping adrenaline through your system in order to keep it going. Adrenaline puts an immense amount of pressure on your heart, going say 24 hours without sleep or more *you know because of all nighters* can cause your heart to accelerate and your adrenaline to surge that is what gives off that ‘jittery” feeling)

Your immune system plummets- this makes your body more susceptible to illnesses, and no one likes a cold.

Not to mention your mood is greatly affected by lack of sleep, where you would normally have a higher tolerance  for certain things, when sleep deprived that tolerance goes down, and you are more likely to snap at someone you care about or are more likely to anger and argue (which is also a cause for stress and heart problems later on in life). Sleep deprivation also makes you more susceptible to stress making it harder to cope with tasks like homework, tests, and lectures.

It also affects your metabolism, your system slows down making it harder to maintain a healthy weight.

It is very tempting to stay up and keep going, however in the big picture it is really quite bad for you. Get your work done early, that way you can get enough sleep to get through the next day. Naps are also a beautiful thing, they do not replace a full night’s sleep, but during the day when you get that muggy, energy drain at around 2-3 pm instead of reaching for the caffeine (which will keep you up for the night) put aside your work and rest for 1-3 hours. You will feel refreshed and energized enough to get everything done but when 10 pm rolls around you will still be able to sleep soundly for the night.



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