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Being a history major I find that there are so many interesting classes that I want to take from Tudor/Stuart England to the History of the Balkans all of this is just so fascinating to me. This excitement led me to taking a Balkan History course last semester. The material of the course coupled with a very engaging professor made coming to that class a highlight of my day. However because of the professor’s  straight lecture style, with no powerpoint, it was a bit of a struggle to get all of the information down in a timely manner. One day going through my notes in Word and discovered that word actually has a Notebook template where you can go to the audio notes tab and record the lecture. This was a note saving discovery. Now I didn’t have to worry about taking rapid fire notes, I could highlight the main points during the lecture and then go back and listen a second time and fill in the blanks. An important note with the audio recording however is don’t mess with the input volume, I did and all I got were about three classes of high pitched screeching. ImageImage


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