Professor 101

Being a student can be difficult but imagine being the professor! He or she has to get up in front of the entire lecture each day and talk to you about new and interesting topics. Some professors are hands on while others like to lecture with power points. Did you ever consider getting to know them on a more personal level and building a student-professor relationship?

Building a relationship with a professor is important in college, especially when it comes to asking questions. Being a student athlete I have realized that it is even more important if you have to miss a class due to a game or some sort of event. However, it is not just the student athletes that should be getting to know who is teaching them, it should be everyone!

Some pieces of advice that I’d like to share with you all is approach your professor the first week of school and let them know a little about yourself. Do you work and make have some conflicts? Do you have to let them know about something that might be going on at home that could be affecting your school work? Is there something you are interested in getting to know about your professor and what they might be teaching? Professors are really outgoing and are willing to sit down with students. Also what might be important to ask whether they are avid users of their email. That is key when it comes down to the wire of assignments or the end of the semester!

What I am trying to suggest to everyone is building that relationship with a professor by communicating and that could at the end of the day really help you out. Approach them early on in the semester and give them a little information about you. They might be able to help you with internships, jobs, post undergrad schooling, and so many other school related topics. Also, if you’re having issues with what they are teaching and their availability see them before anger builds up and you have more than a little issue with them. This link: can help you stay organized if you need to approach them. Everyone should talk to their professors more and at the end of the semester make sure you thank them for all that they do for you!


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