Unicorn Sighting!

Walking through any of the hallways on campus here you are almost bombarded with flyers about new classes, movie nights, sports events and so many other things. As I was walking through a hallway in Sullivan last semester waiting for my class to start I noticed a flyer for internships, not just any internship a paid internship. I wrote down the information and went to class planning to attend the meeting later that week. The informational meeting was being presented by the professor in charge of internships for history majors (my major). She talked about how these summer internships were going to be paid for by the State’s Internship Incentive Program. This program was created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to promote internships and to provide financial help to not only cover the cost of the internship course but to also provide a stipend for the intern. Considering the importance of gaining experience in my future field and the added bonus of getting paid to do it, I immediately signed up for a Summer 2013 internship.

Enrolling in the internship course was difficult for me at first, but only because at the time I was a freshman and still kind of unaware as to how you actually register for classes without Canvas taking care of it for you. The professor however was really great about e-mailing back and forth with me and telling me what the next step was in the enrollment process. My internship site was the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA. Here along with three other interns we helped museum staff organize their library, correct pamphlets, and lent a hand during a major event called Free Fun Friday. Most of our day-to-day activities however were centered on creating a new exhibit on color for the museum and researching our own personal projects for the museum. What was great about the internship class was that there were group discussions on Canvas about how our internships were going, what we were doing, etc. The discussions allowed us to view other field sites through the yes of another intern and possible gain ideas about another type of internship that we would be interested in doing.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the Internship Incentive Program while you can. Not only because most internships now require an internship but also, why wouldn’t you want to gain field experience and get paid for it when paid internships are almost as rare as unicorns nowadays?

Internship Incentive Info: http://w3.salemstate.edu/~pglasser/html/summer_opportunities.html

Museum of Russian Icons:  http://museumofrussianicons.org/en/


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