Talking to Your Professors

It’s down to that time of year again, and I bet you’re starting to feel the pressure of assignments and exam dates piling up on you. That’s why it is crucial that you stay on top of your work and try not to leave things to the last minute. Also, making sure that you are aware of your grades at all times is important too. One of the easy solutions to keep those assignments in check this semester is just simply talking to your professor whenever you can.

By staying on top of assignments, you feel less stressed or pressured and could get you that better grade you may need. With more time to work on an assignment or study for an exam coming up, there is also a greater chance that you can talk to your professor about anything coming up. I feel that whenever I use to write an essay last minute, there would be questions that I wish I could have asked days before or even weeks. Emailing your professor with last minute questions are usually futile because professors do not check their email often enough. So, by looking at your assignments ahead of time and not at the last minute, it gives you the opportunity to ask professors about anything. Personally, I prefer going to their office hours because not only does it show that you care enough to go out of your way to inquire about assignments, it also gives you extra points sometimes towards class participation, which add up. If you cannot attend the professor’s office hours, it is okay! When the professor has a few minutes before class or after it ends, it is also another good time for anything you need to say. Always make sure those grades stay at a good percentage by getting those assignments out of the way and taking the time to put your whole effort into it!

– Sarah M.



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