The end is nigh!

Now that we are only a few days away from Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break (not to mention the end of the semester) looms over head, it is very tempting to just throw caution to the wind and slack off on classes. That would be a big mistake. Professors tend to leave the heavier weighted assignments for the end, these are the assignments that are weighted at 20%-40% of your final grade. Instead of letting yourself  get swept up by the holiday coma (when all you want to do is lay in bed maybe watch some tv or read a book, and snack your worries away), try to keep yourself going and stay motivated.

Set up goals and treats for yourself in these last few weeks, so that when the time comes to turn in these assignments you are not running around, stressed, and angry, scrounging for a way to get that ten page paper done the night before. take some time to destress in between class assignments. Read that play you had to read for Theatre History, take an hour to process the information you just took in, and then start on the response paper. Do this with every subject, your homework might take longer, but at the end you won’t feel drained. Also, give yourself a few days to do your work. Start it a week early or the day it was assigned and do a bit every day. You will find that the longer you work on an assignment the better your understanding will be, new ideas will surface in your mind and you will have the time and knowledge to expand on those ideas.

Try not to procrastinate, this will only lead to either missed assignments, or assignments that are only worthy of a lower grade. Always remember that you are here to learn, work, and expand your horizons, which is hard to do if you are constantly pulling papers out of thin air.



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