With a Little Help from Your Friends

Your first semester brings a lot of new responsibilities, especially for those living on campus, away from home for the first time. Lots of people are afraid to admit to their friends that they’re struggling or have problems. Whether it’s the workload, problems with a roommate or even homesickness most of the time your friends have the same worries you do. It always helps to share your problems and talking about it can be a great way to reduce stress! Getting your friends together for a movie night or even just venting over dinner can really help if you’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s a great chance to bond. In addition, your friends can be a great resource in academics as well. It’s more than likely that not all of your friends have the same major as you and it’s almost guaranteed they have strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. They may be able to help you with homework questions, and you might help them too. You never know, your best friend may secretly be a biology wiz! If you don’t have any friends in that class you’re having trouble in, try making some. At the very least you’ll meet someone new, and you may even find someone who could really help you. Wouldn’t that be great?


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