Schedule Making

Making a schedule for the next semester can be one of the hardest tasks. Sometimes certain classes are only offered once every four semesters, sometimes they are only offered in the spring and not the fall, and sometimes your major department specifies exactly when you need to take a certain class. All of these factors play into creating a semester’s schedule.

In making a schedule your major’s flow sheet is your “best friend”. This single piece of paper tells you all of the classes that you need to take in order to complete your major. Therefore, when making a schedule using this is a key component. By using this sheet you can check off all of the classes that you have already taken. This way you don’t take a class you have already taken. You will also know which classes you have yet to complete.

Also, classes with a lab should be planned first. More often than not there is only one lab section for a certain class. Therefore, you should put that into your schedule first, and then build around it. You can also use this technique if the class in only offered in a certain semester. This tip will help to make sure that you are taking those important classes when they are offered.

Finally, be aware of the time that these classes are offered. If you know you are not a morning person, then don’t torture yourself with the 8am class. If the class is offered at 11am, just plane to take it then. Now that the class is later in the day you won’t be able to sleep through it. You will have plenty of time to get up, have something to eat, and get to that class on time.



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