Stress Management

Nearing the middle and the end of each semester is a very stressful time. You have multiple tests, projects, and papers to complete all in the same time frame. With all of this work due fairly quickly you will become easily stressed out. Here are some helpful tips in order to minimize the stress and also complete all of that work.

Tip 1: Make a to do list. By making a to do list you can clearly see what is due first, second, and third. This will help you stay organized with completing tasks. Now in order for this to work you must complete the earliest assignment due date first. Once you are done with it, cross it out. This way you know that you have already finished it and you can move on to your next task. You will also be able to track the amount of progress you are making towards completing your final goals.

Tip 2: Be aware of how much you are doing. One of the biggest things that stresses people out is taking on too many classes and activities. If you know that you become stressed when you have a lot going on, take a step back for a few minutes and evaluate the most important thing you need to accomplish. Maybe skipping a practice or a rehearsal for something is the best option for the night when you have a ton of homework that needs to get done. If you are able to just focus on what really needs to get done then you will reduce your amount of stress. However, if you try going to your practice and then start to do your massive amount of homework, chances are you are going to fall asleep and the homework is not going to get done.

Tip 3: Listen to music. Sometimes music can be a very calming aspect when completing homework. It also will help you to focus. By listening to music you can block out everything that is going on around you and complete all of your work. The only downside to this is not to get caught up in the music to the point that you are singing the lyrics instead of writing that paper. This music should just be background noise that helps you to focus in on the task at hand.

The next time you are stressed try out one of this tips. You may find one that works for you. Being able to manage your stress levels is very important. Therefore, when you find something that works, STICK WITH IT. This one stress management tip may help you for the rest of your life. Knowing what will relieve the amount of stress you have is good to know. This way you can repeat your stress relief activity every time that you become stressed out about something.



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