It’s the final countdown

As Thanksgiving is getting close, it seems that the semester has flown by. This might encourage any student to start to slack off. But I would like to warn against this. Letting yourself slip at the end of the semester is just not worth it. Those last few weeks still have an impact on your final grade, so why ruin your whole semester worth of working hard on a few days of sleeping in? SO buckle down! you only have a few weeks left, so make them count. Putting in a bit of extra effort when everyone else is seeming to slip, might give you an edge. Is it really important to follow through, and make sure you are successful in all you fall classes.

While it may seems hard to finish out the semester strong, here are a few things to remember. You are not the only one struggling. There is always going to be someone else having the same concerns as you, so don’t feel weird asking a million questions about the final because half the class is probably thinking them. Also make sure you don’t let thing go to far. I mean, sure a weekend of loafing and watching a Kardashian marathon is necessary sometimes, but do not forget that you still have work to do. By staying on top of your assignments, and not allowing yourself to fail the rest of semester will fly by. hopefully.




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