The Homestretch

The semester is winding down with Thanksgiving break approaching and students in the residence halls can become much more rowdy with celebrating these last few weeks. However, this is the most crucial time to be putting in those extra study nights in the lounges, at your desks, or in the library. The lounges in the dorm are great places to get study groups together to nail that last exam or beginning to prepare for your finals. It can be difficult when you are trying to get your homework done when others are being loud at night so please be respectful of others. Quiet hours will become strictly enforced during the homestretch of the semester! I know from personal experience that it can be difficult to focus when hanging out with friends so set aside some time for yourself and then get together with friends after you study to relax. Put in the time now so that you will not become overwhelmed during finals week. Here are some study tips: make flashcards, study guides, type out open responses, read over the chapters, highlight your notes, and study over a week. You will without a doubt remember the information much better by using different methods of memorization. Many professors hold study sessions on Reading Day so take advantage of the time they are giving up for you and you might be rewarded for going! Take one day at a time and “Keep Calm and Study On!”

Keep Calm and Study On


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