Can you even believe that finals start next week?  It’s incredible, how fast this semester has flown by.  It seems like just last week we moving in and starting out the fall semester!  Anyways, it’s extremely important (now more than ever) to be on top of ALL of your school work.  Now is not the time to slack off!  All of that hard work you’ve put into this semester will mean nothing if you decide to give up now.  It’s only another couple of weeks, you can do it!

How do you survive finals week and the week leading up to it?  Well, I have a few tips for you!  Sleep is more important than you may think.  If pulling an all-nighter sounds like a good idea, you should probably re-think that!  You’ll be miserable the next day.  You’re much better off looking at all of the work you need to get done right now and planning.  Time management is key!  If you plan ahead, you’ll be much happier come finals week.

Get your papers and projects done now!  Getting them done before final exams begins will give you more time to study for exams as they come closer.  You’ll be happy you did!

The most important things to remember in the next couple of weeks are to get plenty of sleep, eat enough healthy food, stay focussed and on top of your work, and don’t get overwhelmed with stress.  Good luck!



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