Apartment Style

Living with someone new or someone you have never met before, can be a major adjustment. Now that the first semester is winding down, and finals loom ahead, we find our tensions running high. This energy can greatly affect your living situation. It is valid, getting irritated at a slight from your room mate, and it is normal to have arguments at times, we are all very different people with very different emotions, we will not get along 100% of the time, and no one expects you too. However, this living arrangement should be taken ( as all college experiences) as a learning exercise. Now is the time to learn how to co-exist with someone outside of your family. Living with students is a blast no one denies it, it is, however in those times of stress where things can get tricky. If you find yourself irritated at the little things that make your roommate who (s)he is, remember to take a breath and examine what it is that you are going through with your classes. Then think about your roommate, what they have to deal with too, and realize that if you are having trouble coping with their habits, they are most likely having trouble coping with yours. Don’t let emotions build up until they explode in a wave of wrath and annoyance, that helps nothing. Instead talk it out, communicate with the other, and make it an open no judgments conversation, where you can both be honest and no one gets hurt. Being able to maintain an open communication line will help keep adversity low. During finals set up a schedule with everyone’s exams and when they wish to study, respect this. We are all trying to get through finals with as little blood shed as possible. If someone snaps at you or seems irritated, don’t take it to heart and don’t over think it. It mostly has to do with finals.

Take some time during the week or take a break from your studies, and go out with your roommate, touch base with each other, have a nice meal together and unload what is on your mind, My roommate and I call these “roommate dates”, and we always get back to campus, relaxed and ready for another bout of studying. Get out of the apartment, being confined to four walls and two (or three) beds is not good for you, get some fresh air, go for a walk, and try to stay relaxed. Happy Finals all!



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