What’s next?

Now that the semester is officially winding down you might be wondering: what will next semester be like? There are so many opportunities that Salem State University offers that students do not take advantage of. Have you considered studying abroad? How about going on a class field trip? What about joining a club? These are only a few ideas that new students should consider while trying to get involved. When I was a freshman I came into fall afraid of putting myself out there and seeing what the campus could offer. However, I soon realized that there is nothing to be afraid of. Once I had made the basketball team I took that as my first step to getting involved. At the start of my sophomore year I had joined a committee, stayed active in the new Gassett Fitness Center, and applied for a part time job in the FYE office. These were some of the best decisions that I have made since I have been enrolled because of all of the wonderful staff and friends I have made. I was able to see outside of what I thought college was supposed to be life, hanging around, watching TV, and just not doing too much. Since becoming involved I have only benefited myself and my future.

Each semester everyone should reevaluate where they are at and what their goals are when they are enrolled in school. Don’t be afraid to take chances and to step out of your comfort zone. Christmas break is fast approaching so take the time to see where you are headed here at SSU and get involved! Come back next semester with a plan for your future and meet with a Professor or adviser to kick start your goals!


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