Eye of the Tiger

Trying to organize and and actually get your schedule for the next semester is a long stressful and often sleep deprived task. Around Halloween time teachers will start letting you know that you should start planning for next semester. To start you should go on Navigator and look up who your Advisor is. Once you do know who they are make an appointment with them to discuss your schedule, but be prepared with a list of courses ready to go. You can go to the Salem State homepage and search for the course schedule for the next semester and select classes you would be interested in or need to take. After you have met with your advisor and received your registration code go to your calendar, whiteboard or planner and write down the date for your registration and put your code in several places also, just incase. Registration day, no matter your year begins at 7:00 am, so I would recommend getting up at 6:30 am so that you’re awake, alert and ready to go. Also be sure to get rid of any holds on your account before registration day so that you can register. Advisors will typically make you aware of a hold but it has happened before that an advisor does not know about a hold and a student got up at 6:30 am for nothing but stress. So to sum up: pick potential classes, check for holds on your account, meet advisor, get code, wake up early and register.




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