Oh let me just go check Facebook…

                Don’t do it! Never do your homework or study for a test while having a Facebook window open. That little notification or message sound can be very distracting when it comes time to doing homework, finishing a project, or studying for a test. As much as we all love Facebook, it is probably more distracting that anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I use Facebook all the time, and actually recommend it when you want to take a break from studying. Due to the fact that it is such a great distracting tool, it can get your mind off of things fairly quickly. You just can’t get carried away. Clicking on just one notification can lead to hours of distraction. I am guilty of this happening.

                I know that studying, and doing homework and projects isn’t the most exciting thing in the entire world, but it has to get done.  So instead of listening for that Facebook notification or message ding try listening to music. The music will mask the sound of the notification, and it will also make doing homework more fun. Sitting alone and studying in silence can become very distracting (even though some may not think so). Listening to background music may actually be more helpful than anything else. So…try not to do any homework with a Facebook window open. The distractions will be almost impossible to resist.


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