The Tightrope

College is hard. You don’t have your parents or guardians anymore to make you go to school and hounding you to do your homework. Not only are your responsible for getting to class and completing assignments, the assignments are also going to be harder than they used to be . An important skill that students learn early on is to prioritize their homework and projects. For example if you are taking five classes and three give out regular homework get into that rhythm of homework, set aside a time of day for and pick a comfortable but not too comfortable spot to do homework in. When projects and papers roll around it’s a good idea to write down on a calendar or whiteboard when they are due and then set aside time for each task, don’t try to tackle them all at once, if you have multiple papers due, it’s not pretty. Just always remember that if you put something off now you might have twice or three times as much to do in the future.


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