Fun Fact: You can get Microsoft Word for free.

I bet you are all like what? Free stuff! I love free stuff. Even better thought, this free stuff can really help you with your academic life. A short trip to the IT department in the Bertolon Building, or searching for free software on will allow you access to the Microsoft office suite. In this you get: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and several other email related programs. Prior to this discovery, I had been operating out of Google docs and Prezi. Two online only options that I had found because I did not want to buy an expensive Word package.

In all honesty, I managed just fine. However the options that are available with the Word Suite are incredible. There are regular blank document settings, there is a stimulated notebook for taking notes, and there are many different types of letter and resume formats available. These tools are incredibly easy to use, and will definitely come in handy. I would recommend any student who has not real word processor to take the twenty minutes and go get this. If not during finals, I would recommend to start out the new semester right with a free present to yourself.


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