New roommate? Never fear!

The semester is almost over and room changes are a fairly common occurrence. For some of you this means you’ll be living with someone new next semester. If you’ll be living with someone you don’t know it’s important to get to know them so neither of you will be uncomfortable for the rest of the year. Here are a few tips for easing the transition and creating goodwill.

Try texting your new roommate or looking them up on social media and seeing if there’s a time the two of you can meet up and grab lunch on campus. Meeting your roommate before you start living with them can help you both feel more comfortable. Try offering to help your new roommate move their stuff into your room. It’s a friendly gesture that can really get a conversation started when you notice they have a poster for that band you love!  After your roommate has settled in, sit down so you can both establish some rules. What are you willing to share? Does having the lights on when you’re sleeping bother either of you? (This is important even if your new roommate is a friend of yours.) Do messes bother you? Be sure to give your new roommate time to settle in and wait until they’re not stressed out or working on homework so they don’t feel attacked or overwhelmed. Speak up about the things that bother you, so you’ll both be happy!


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