Getting Ready for Finals Part 1

Finals start on the Friday the 13th (ooh! scary!). As ominous as that may sound, you can still prepare yourself. The first step is checking your syllabus to see when your finals are. Try writing them all down on a whiteboard, planner or large piece of paper—Anywhere you’ll see it often! Be sure to double check the dates of your exams with your professors, it’s always possible they’ve made a mistake. It’s also a good idea to ask your professor if your exams will be cumulative or if they’ll pick up where your midterms left off. Once you know that, you can begin to make a study schedule for yourself. Try not to simply devote a day to each subject, instead try to devote a little time every day to all of your subjects. This way you won’t get tired of them and start to lose focus. Reserve  the most time for subject that you find more challenging and try to arrange your study schedule so that you’re studying appropriate amount according to the final you have the soonest. Read on next week for Getting Ready for Finals Part 2…


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