Balancing Act

                Finals week is looming ahead and I can only imagine everyone is read y to break down and lose hope. However, have no fear! Many students think they have a million assignments to finish or papers to write, but why not take a step back and look at what needs to be accomplished? Take the time to develop a plan rather than stress, pull all-nighters, and only be surviving off of caffeine. Use this first college final experience to shape the rest of your semester for success.

                IPhones, planners, notecards, and whiteboards are just a few ways of organizing what needs to get done. Now sit down and write out each day when you have something due and prioritize your time to finish that first assignment. Once you start going you won’t be able to stop!  However, the more you procrastinate the more and more time you will be wasting. Use your free time to attack smaller parts of a paper and study so when you sit down to actually finish up an assignment more of it will be done than you originally thought. Like other FYE mentors have said, get 8 hours of sleep a night. You will not be successful unless your brain is well rested, and try to get some exercise in your daily routine to relieve your stress. Only do these tips if you have enough space in your schedule and don’t overwhelm yourself, school comes first! Check out the link below for some further tips about time management!


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