Clubs are cooler in college.

For real! Clubs in college are great, you can find many different groups that all do amazing things around campus. There are over a hundred different groups or clubs to get involved in. I would highly recommend joining at least one group your first semester here. By joining any club you will meet new people, who are interested in the same things. At the very least, you can try a few different clubs and see what you like best. You don’t have to sign you life away to every club at the first meeting. However, if you have a project or a cause you want to help there is most likely a club out there to help you make a difference.There are so many choices, and different levels of commitment out there, so don’t be worried. Just check some stuff out. Also a lot of clubs have events in the fall, especially around Halloween and the Holidays. Always remember the people going to meetings and events may be new here too, and might be looking to meet new people as well. I would recommend attending at least one club sponsored event or meeting every semester. By doing this you can have some fun, probably get some free stuff, and meet some cool people.

For example, FAB (First Year Advisory Board) is having a holiday extravaganza this Thursday! At the event, there will be first year mingling, food, and a small fun service project. While we enjoy the part festivities, we will be creating sun catchers for a local nursing home. First years students should all consider attending!

Events like this allow new students, or old students who are not that involved to change that. It gives you a chance to do something good, while having fun. Many of the fliers that a posted all over campus describe all the events that clubs are having. I would make sure to look at them, and see whats out there. This way you can expand your experience at Salem State. While your main focus is probably academics, it never hurts to be social and have some fun.



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