Why you should be going to office hours.

Everyone tells you that you should take advantage of office hours. However no one really tells you why or what to do when you get there, and that may deter you from going. I would like to give a crash course in office hours.

First off, when in doubt always go talk to your professors. They typically hold between 3 to 7 standard office hours every week, and would probably be more then happy to schedule something with you if their planned hours don’t work for you. In my experience, speaking with professors can be a bit intimidating. However, the more you talk to them the less intimidating and the more comfortable you will become.

Not many people take advantage of office hours. So if you want to be super prepared with a bunch of questions that’s great. But if you want to just kinda show up, and talk to your professor about your class, or your life or really anything that’s great too. Most professors are really cool people, and by taking a little time to get to know them personally you can build a great relationship. Then maybe a little way down the road if you need a recommendation for something, you have a few definite possibilities.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. This has been a huge regret of mine in past semester. If you have any questions at all, on material or assignments, you should ask them. Office hours are perfect for that, because I usually hate being that person who asks a million questions during class. When you talk to a professor one on one they can explain what you specifically are not understanding. Especially in math courses, professors usually use class time to go over what they think most people are struggling with. By going to office hours you can get personalized help in any subject or area you need.

Lastly, I would like to say not to feel scared of any professor. I mean sometimes they can be really intense and strict in class, and that can be really off putting. Sometimes the way professors act in class is nothing like their personality. It can seem like a huge leap, but trying to get past a professors lecture attitude can be really beneficial. If you get to know them, then in class they may change a bit. Thus making the class time more enjoyable, and allowing you to succeed.

For me, office hours are something I just started to take advantage of. Getting to know my professors and letting them get to know me, really helped me feel way more a part of my classes. In some bigger lectures, there may be between 50 to 100 people. By taking a little bit of time to reach out, your professors will recognize you and help you out. This has absolutely helped me, and I hope it can help you!





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