Welcome to Zombieland!

Ahhh, finals. The time where you are at your worst (hopefully not) and you are studying your heart out (hopefully you are)! At this point, on reading day, you are relaxed and studying, doing last minute work, or just goofing off. To me, the most important thing about finals is trying not to become a zombie. The most important thing about studying is not staying up all hours of the night to prepare for the exam but actually getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Getting those precious hours of sleep before the exam the next day ensures you have enough rest and you are functioning at full capacity. Also, you hold in more information when you get more sleep because you are well rested rather than being forgetful and falling asleep during that exam. To prevent further zombification, make sure you eat enough food for that brain power, actual healthy food rather than redbull and chips. Eating a healthy breakfast before exam time will also help you think more efficiently! A final tip includes drinking lots of water, which helps blood flow (especially to the brain to think) and will also give you lots of energy. Here is a link that talks about preparing for exams and promoting sleep during this time:


Good luck with those exams tomorrow and for next week as well!  

-Sarah M.


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