What should I take next?

Selecting classes can be tricky, especially when using a new system. The trick is to spread out your selection between general education classes and major classes (if you already have one in mind) It is best to get all of your general education classes out of the way as quickly as possible, however that isn’t always ideal and you don’t want a semester of mind numbing lectures, mix it up. Now is the time to explore other interests, take a look at all of the art classes, music classes, theater classes, not to mention the incredible selection of SMS classes available on campus. Take a time slot to relax and take a class that will get your creative juices flowing, when finals role around your brain will thank you for the creative and physical outlet. Another thing to consider is distance. You must keep in mind that North Campus and South Campus here at Salem state are relatively far from one another, and even with the shuttle buses transporting students from campus to campus, 10 minutes is simply not enough time to get from one class in Sullivan Building to another at Harrington, so make sure to have at least 20 minutes between multiple campus classes. Keep in mind, also, where your intended major classes are. For Theater majors, home is in North Campus, for Business that would be Central as well as for Music majors, Nursing and Criminal Justice reside primarily in South Campus Dance and Athletics are found at the O’keefe center, don’t be discouraged from taking a class you would enjoy simply because it is on a different campus, plan the times accordingly, perhaps have your morning classes up at North and then spend your afternoons at Central.


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