Me Time

Finals time in college is a stressful time. Not only are you preparing for up to six exams or papers you also have to turn in makeup and late work while also packing up to go home for a month. Here are some tips to help you de-stress during finals.


  1. Put down the electronics: Unless you need your laptop for the assignment you have to do, put it away and try writing out the assignment on a legal pad or notebook. Then when you have completed your assignment reward yourself with all of the YouTube videos and statuses about finals you want.
  2. Step away from your work: If you have been staring at a blank Word document for an hour and still only have “The” written down forget about your assignment for an hour. Take a walk watch an episode or two of your favorite T.V show or take a little nap, these activities can refresh you and make you more focused.
  3. Play with animals: Salem State has an awesome program where around finals time each semester the North shore Animal shelter brings puppies to be played with by students for about two hours. This is my favorite finals de-stressor because I love dogs and since I don’t have one at home it’s an especially nice gift to myself to get to play with puppies.


Hopefully these tips make your finals time a little less stressful. 


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