The Great and Powerful Oz

Building a good rapport with your professors is pretty essential in college, especially with professors in your major. We all know that they are here to help us and guide us through our years in college, but lesser known is this really obvious fact: they’re human just like you and me. When I first came to SSU I thought that professors would forget about me after the semester was over and that I would never hear from them again, so I just interacted with them in class and even then their greatness could not be stared at for too long. Now a year later I have realized that while most professors outside of my major will most likely not remember who I am, the professors in my major are really good at remembering students from the department. Having realized that I’m not as insignificant to professors as I once thought I was, I find it a lot easier to talk to professors not only about class but how their lives are going. So while professors are mostly here to teach you about a certain subject don’t forget that they are real people with real life experiences, don’t be afraid to peek behind the curtain.


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