Yay! You have finally made it to the end of semester! Now you get to leave school for a month and just hang out…but first you need to take your finals. Taking finals is not something that you should take lightly. Granted it is the end of semester and you are most likely sick of doing work, but you still have to study for your finals. Many professors give projects for finals, which I really enjoy. However, the majority of professors just give final tests. These tests are usually much harder than the average test that your professor may give you. This means that you must spend much more time studying than you usually would. Now I know that no one wants to study anymore, but you can create fun ways to study to make it more enjoyable for yourself. One method that I will definitely try is the food method. You get to pick your favorite snack food or candy such as skittles. Every time you finish reading a page of your textbook or a page of notes you reward yourself with a skittle. This way every time you make progress while studying you get a reward. This makes the whole studying process more enjoyable. So just remember if you need to read a lot in order to pass your final try out this fun snack and study tool! 


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