Studying 101

Now that finals are in full swing, how about we assess your studying techniques? According to, there are quite a few steps that we should be following to get great scores on our finals. Starting earlier in the semester, you should be looking over the material after class while you still know it. This will later help you when studying for a final exam. When you sit down to study for the exam make sure you have everything you will need, notes, textbook, power points, and so on. Try not to get distracted and find a quiet place suitable for your needs. Maybe listen to music or buy a coffee to keep you motivated to learn. If you are trying to juggle studying with friends and having social media open, limit yourself as much as possible! The people you choose to work with are the ones that should be taking the exam just as seriously as you! For social media, look every hour to two, not every second or when you can’t focus. You won’t be doing yourself any favors in the long run! Do take necessary breaks after studying for a while to give your brain a rest. This suggestion will help you refresh on what you just studied and help your brain absorb all of the information. Study general topics before specifics and use other resources to get the main points down. Try testing yourself on materials and know it thoroughly and not just word for word. Do your best to work with others and have them quiz you too so you know where you stand with the given materials and articulating your ideas out loud. By talking about the materials you may be drawing more connections with essay questions or short answers that could boost your grade! Most importantly: space out your studying over a weeks time and do not pull all nighters! This may be hard to do with prioritizing with other exams but it will only benefit you in the end!


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