Taking Another Look at Your Schedule

It’s been about a month since registration, but there’s still time to change around your schedule before second semester starts. Now is the time to take another look at that schedule you made a month ago. When you do, make sure it’s really going to work for you. Keep in mind things like allowing yourself enough time to get from one campus to the next or to get to your job. Remember: ten minutes is not enough time to get from North Campus to O’Keefe! Ask yourself if you’ll really be able to make it on time to that 8am class on South Campus. Ask around and find out what other people think of the professors you’ve chosen for next semester. These are the things that that you may not have considered in the rush to get into all the right classes before they’re full. If you decide to change your schedule around make sure you still have all of the classes you’re going to need. Before dropping a class be sure that a replacement class is open. You don’t want to get into a situation where you’ve dropped one class in favor of another one only to find out that your replacement class is full and suddenly your old class is full as well. Someone else may be on Navigator switching around their schedule as well, so it’s important to be sure you want to drop a class you’re enrolled in just in case someone else is looking at that class too.


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