Winter is Here!

Now that we have had our first (and second) official snow fall, things begin to get a bit more complicated. With the new semester coming up, we can expect class cancellations and parking closures. Take this free time to relax. If you have some work that needs to get done, get it done. However don’t forget the best part of snow days…. SNOW! get out there with your friends and roommates and enjoy the soft frozen water falling from the sky! Have a snow ball fight (no ice, no rocks covered in snow please), make snow angels, and snow men. There is a great hill behind Harrington that just screams sledding! while the storm rages on, stay indoors, stay safe and stay warm! enjoy the snow once the sun re-emerges.

Winter Break, is right around the corner. Don’t lose focus now, finish your last finals and then prepare for our month long vacation (nearly so). Getting home after a semester away is very exciting, and sometimes daunting. You find yourself lacking the freedom you had on campus, cut your family some slack, they missed you and want to spend as much time with you as possible. Take this time to reconnect with your friends and family from home, and to unwind from the stress of the past semester.


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