Major Meltdown

Welcome back to SSU everyone! I hope you all had an awesome winter break and are ready to take on second semester. Many of you may have seen your family, friends, pets, neighbors, and so on and I can imagine the questions they asked you. Did it go something like this? “How was your first semester? Did you make some new friends? What’s your major? Have you changed your mind about what you want to do in life?” I am sure you were bombarded enough so I wanted to offer you some pieces of advice if you are struggling with choosing a major or deciding on one. This can be one of the most stressful times of your college career but there is no need for a meltdown!

So now you have been through one semester and have taken a few classes and hopefully thought more about what you want to do with the rest of your time here at SSU. If you are interested in changing your major I would suggest talking to one of your favorite professors that you had in the fall or currently have this semester to discuss the steps to completing this particular major. Also take a few more classes and see if this is the area of study you could see yourself doing for four more years. This will help you decide if you are heading in the right direction. Next I would suggest you talk to your professor and get in contact with the chairperson of the department to see if you need to complete observation hours or write an essay to be considered for the major. If you search on the website you can find each of their contact information and if you are having a hard time getting in contact with them head to Meier Hall 115 and we can help you! Take one step at a time and you will be much more successful! There are always people here to help you out!


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