Don’t trash it!!

Do you know where your syllabi are? Are they crushed into the bottom of you backpack never to be found again? Did you put the important information into a planner? Can you tell me right now when all the exams are for your class? 

Day one of class can be the worst class to sit through because it’s always the same thing, blah blah blah blah this is due this day, this course will cover x, y and z. It is the day to determine if the professor is a good fit for you as well as the course itself. But what is most important and I know most of us (including myself) forget to do is save that syllabus given out on the first day. The syllabus for a class is the timeline for what is due, when class is canceled if it is prearranged, what objectives you need to accomplish by the end, and how you will be graded.

 Some tips you need to keep in mind before throwing out those syllabi. First, pull out that hand handy planner and mark down when each assignment for each class is due. This will keep you on track in every class and know what days you need to really focus on homework.  Second, reread how you will be graded for the course because if attendance is required for a portion of the grade then you want to make sure you never miss that class. Finally, as the class progresses and exams are upcoming look back at your syllabus because there is always a section on course objectives and if you feel like you have not met a certain objective that is an area you need to study up more on.

 So if you already put those syllabi away, take them back out and follow these few steps. I promise if you do, you will have a very successful semester!!


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