Student Athlete Success

imagesMy first year at Salem State University was a whole new experience for me. Just like every freshman I was excited about, moving on to a college campus, getting away from home, meeting new people and getting some much needed freedom and space and playing basketball at the college level. The last thing on my mind was any type of school work. I was worried about succeeding on the basketball court, my new roommates, how was I going to make new friends, and where the parties were going to be. Those were my only concerns. Things went smoothly until I found myself missing classes because I was needed more sleep or I had a headache from the party last night. I was doing poorly in school, but I was getting a lot of sleep and excelling on the court. My social life couldn’t have been any better. I was making new friends everywhere, never missed a good party or event. So I came to the conclusion that you can only be good at two things in college when you’re a student athlete.

  1. Sports and Books
  2. Sports and Social life
  3. Books and Social Life

School became one of my priorities. This is where I wanted to excel. If you want anything in life you have to sacrifice something. Majority of the time college students will sacrifice sleep first, than schoolwork and their social life last. Why slack off on my school work when in essence that is what I’m mainly here for, to further my education. So I stopped partying as much as I was and really focused more on school. I started to see a change. Grades were improving and I was still managing to enjoy myself and have a good time. Yes I wasn’t at every party or every social event, but I still found time to make it to some and have a good time. I felt a lot better going out enjoying myself knowing that my work was done and I wasn’t going to have to rush to do anything in the morning. So by placing my focus on books and basketball I was able to make the dean’s list for the semester and have an excellent year of basketball for the Vikings. My advice for the student athletes is to focus on two things as main priorities, and don’t let your social life be one of them.


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