Class is in Session?

Now that the spring semester is rearing its head, the time has come to truly settle into our role of student once more. With winter break behind us and a full semester standing in our way of enjoying blissful summer, we should all as a student body, embrace the classes we face and all that they entail. Which, to some, sadly means class participation. Professors may threaten you with a poor grade if your class participation is not up to par, for some classes it counts as up to 20% of your final grade. No one wants their grade to suffer because of a silly thing as that. However the fact remains, that as a student, one doesn’t take away as much from the class if they remain in the back corner of the room, silently taking notes, and taking everything the professor says as the absolute truth. To truly enjoy your coarse and take as much from it as possible, I recommend engaging! Learn as much as you can about that subject while you are there. Question theories that are proposed to you, just to gain a greater understanding. Give your professor a reason to teach dynamically, Your professor doesn’t enjoy standing in front of 20-25 students, giving a lecture any more than the student does.

This does not mean be disruptive and disrespectful. It means that in a learning environment everyone is there to learn including the professor, and as such we should all teach and learn together. Form our own opinions on matters, and truly enjoy our time as college students.


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